Admission to the exam may be postponed: they want to postpone the final essay

The final essay for 11-graders, scheduled for December 2 and being admission to the Unified State Exam, this year may be postponed to a later date due to the epidemiological situation, said the head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. At the same time, he stressed that if the transfer takes place, then in all Russian regions at the same time.

“MK” found out how teachers, graduates and their parents relate to this probability.

According to the official, the final decision on postponing the essay will be made in the coming days: “The essay should not become a source of spread of infection. We worry about our teachers, many of them are of age. We are worried about the children. Therefore, we will weigh everything, consult with Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health. Let’s understand all the pros and cons. Commenting on the importance of the simultaneous transfer of the composition for all regions, Anzor Muzaev explained: “We do not assume a scenario when some subjects write and relax, while others will not write.” He also mentioned the need to change the format of the final essay in principle, which was not done this year only because it is already difficult for graduates in a pandemic: “But in the future, of course, we need to return to this issue. When, at the beginning of the school year, five open areas of topics are announced in advance, then websites that publish hundreds and thousands of ready-made templates immediately spawn. And instead of their own creativity, students try to fit these templates to a specific topic. ” At the same time, the remote essay format, given the inability to control the independence of work, is not considered in principle.

A survey of all stakeholders – educators, alumni, and parents – shows that the overall attitude towards transference is negative. After all, the sooner graduates write an essay, the easier and calmer it will be for them to focus on preparing for the exam.

“I don’t see much sense in transferring,” says Olga Grankina, a psychologist and specialist in primary and secondary education. – In winter and spring, the incidence is high annually, not only in a pandemic, but then the USE is on the nose. From experience, postponing the dates of any exams is highly undesirable. Most students psychologically tune in advance for a certain day, gather internally, focus all resources. Many are taking additional classes and will either have to continue their studies or hope that the skills will not completely disappear by the appointed date. My opinion: it is better to increase the number of reserve days for writing works, reduce the number of students in the classroom, replace age teachers with senior students of pedagogical universities, but carry out the essay on time, at the same time in all regions.

– Is it so that ready-made options are not leaked to the Network?

– Specific topics are indeed announced on the day of writing the essay, while the general thematic focus is known in advance, training is conducted on it in schools and in additional classes. The topics are not uniform throughout Russia, but there will still be some kind of leak.

The teachers of one of the schools in the center of the capital are in solidarity with Rosobrnadzor in the opinion that “distant” is the enemy of the composition:

– We, of course, learned how to conduct independent diagnostics in a remote format. But we understand that, no matter how hard we try, objectivity suffers with this approach. Children are children! At a distance, it is much more difficult to keep track of so that the guys do not cheat and cheat. And parents can not resist and help their children.

The opinion of the majority of his peers was voiced by Nikita, an 11-grade student from the Moscow region:

– It is better to write it as soon as possible, so that this composition does not hang over the soul! For example, every year in February-March I get sick, and in December I am healthy. Or someone from the family will get sick, I will go to quarantine …

Of course, most graduates would prefer distance essay, as reported by Kirill from Moscow:

– Writing is more comfortable in a home atmosphere. Yes, templates are publicly available on the Internet, but you still need to be able to recycle them. And if you are not ready to compose in principle, then “distant” will not help you in any way.

Parents would also prefer to leave the final essay at the scheduled date:

– For all of us, December 2 is already perceived as a kind of milestone that must be overcome, – says the mother of the capital graduate. – It is psychologically easier to write a work on a previously appointed date, in relation to which a preparation strategy has already been built. And the news of the change in the date, received in mid-November, can bring down both teachers and schoolchildren.

The father of a graduate from the Moscow region, himself a language teacher, believes that the indispensable “ramming” of all Russian regions on a single date, regardless of their specific epidemiological situation as of December 2, does not make much sense:

– It is still impossible to write to all subjects of the Russian Federation at the same time due to the difference in time zones. And even a one-time writing does not guarantee that there will be no leakage to the Internet. But even if it does exist, the composition is not mathematics, where you can “roll” it cleanly. Whatever the student finds on the Web, he will have to at least rewrite it – fortunately, essays in our high schools are still written by hand! And as a maximum – creatively rethink so as not to get caught in plagiarism. Indeed, on the Internet there are not only ready-made essays, but also programs that recognize the identity of the text.