Experts have named the deadline for the completion of distance learning

The coronavirus sets new records every day. As the number of cases grows in different regions of the country, new decisions are made to transfer schoolchildren and students to distance or blended learning. On Monday, schoolchildren from the Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Karelia, and the Trans-Baikal Territory have gone remotely. Despite the real danger of COVID infection, many parents are strongly opposed to distance learning and are demanding that their children return to school.

The correspondent of “MK” found out what motivates adults who are at war with a remote woman.

Looks like schoolchildren will have to stay home until summer

After the announcement of the remote event coming from November 9, the parents from the Sverdlovsk region staged thousands of thousands of flash mob “# I am against the remote control” in social networks. Sergei Isaev, an actor from the Uralskiye Pelmeni show, has also joined the protesters. “Children cannot say“ we want to go to school ”, they don’t listen to their parents. But the owners of restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and fitness centers are being heard. You can not deprive children of school! We are killing education, ”the artist wrote under the post of governor Evgeny Kuyvashev. By the way, the actions of the residents of the region had their effect. Initially, the authorities planned to send all students to distant school, but in the end they left full-time education for students in grades 1-5.

Lately, parents who oppose removal have been accused of almost COVID dissidence, but they themselves argue that this is absolutely not the case. Many adults are afraid that the introduction of distance learning in different regions of the country is due not only to protection against coronavirus, but also to other goals.

“We do not in any way deny the danger of a virus infection, but the lack of transparency in the actions of the authorities makes us think about another planned attack on the education system,” says Alena, one of the opponents of the distant. – To our letters to schools with a question about the grounds for transferring to a remote location, we are told that online classes are face-to-face training using distance technologies. That is, the distance is already equated with a point, it turns out that at any time this form of training can be introduced in educational institutions forever. Nobody provides us with information about the real number of infected children aged 11-18, we really cannot assess how dangerous the virus is for schoolchildren. At the same time, there is no scientifically based research on the safety of online learning for children. On the contrary, in the spring we saw that the children’s eyesight deteriorated sharply, scoliosis developed, and severe headaches began. And, of course, the fact that private schools and commercial sections continue to work full-time raises big questions. Numerous bars, restaurants and shopping centers have also been opened, in which schoolchildren now spend time instead of classes.

Also, a large number of questions from parents are raised by the observance of SanPiN when conducting online lessons. In accordance with them, a remote lesson cannot last more than 15-20 minutes, in fact, these requirements are violated, and children spend 6-7 hours at the computer, and then also do their homework, which often also involves working with a gadget. Distance learning systems continue to work intermittently, in addition, there have already been several cases of strangers entering the lesson and showing pornography to schoolchildren.

We talked with the chairman of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Citizens ‘Rights in Education Viktor Panin about how well-grounded the parents’ fears are: “The concern of parents in general is perfectly understandable. Our education has been bombarded with numerous reforms for more than a dozen years. No other educational system in the world can withstand such a number of transformations. Society at one time could not resist the transition to the Bologna system, the introduction of the USE, etc. Naturally, now parents are afraid of another attack on schools, now digital. However, in this matter, I still believe that the authorities’ plans do not intend to introduce a permanent distance in schools, the president also spoke about this. Today remote technologies are considered as auxiliary ones. However, the fact that society expresses its fears and demands to the authorities is already a very good sign, this is the only way to influence the actions of officials. I think in the future we will come to the development of the institution of public control, the real work of the system of checks and balances.

Regarding the fact that private schools and circles, as well as various entertainment establishments continue to work, in my opinion, it is a mistake of the authorities and officials should reconsider their attitude to this issue. Judging by the situation with the coronavirus in the country and in the world, distance learning in a number of regions may last until the end of the academic year. This is a compulsory measure, and you need to come to terms with it, including parents need to help their children go through this period with the least loss for health and psyche. Our people love to blame the state for everything, but it’s also about ourselves. Many teenagers continue to walk the streets and shopping centers in large companies without masks, this is partly a flaw and parents.