Moscow universities explained about the transition to remote work for students

On Tuesday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced tightening measures to combat coronavirus. In particular, the mayor transferred to distance learning all colleges and universities that are subordinate to the city, in the period from November 13 to January 15. Students’ transport cards for this line will be blocked. The Moscow government also recommended that founders of federal and private universities and colleges go online. We found out if they would follow these recommendations.

Educational institutions of federal subordination are waiting for the order of the Ministry of Education on distance

Most federal universities located in the capital have already significantly reduced the number of full-time classes. Some universities have completely switched to distance learning, somewhere a mixed model is being implemented, when face-to-face studies alternate with distance learning. In particular, at the Moscow State University. Lomonosov, some of the faculties study entirely remotely, some use a hybrid form of education.

At the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, from Monday all students were transferred to a blended learning format. This approach allows, on the one hand, to relieve the classrooms and public spaces of the university, and on the other hand, to conduct classes in person, in particular workshops, which are problematic to transfer online. We asked the press service whether the university is planning to completely switch to distance learning in accordance with Sobyanin’s recommendations.

“Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman is under federal subordination and makes decisions in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science. We know that the department is already preparing a corresponding order on the form in which training will be organized in educational organizations of federal subordination. As soon as this order appears, we will act in accordance with it, ”the university explained.

Obviously, other federal universities and colleges that have not yet transferred their students to remote locations will also await the decision of the relevant ministry.

And in one of the private colleges located in Moscow, we were told that 2 weeks ago 2 out of 3 structural divisions had already been transferred to distance learning. The third unit can go to distance or blended learning within a week. So far, this issue has not yet been fully resolved by the management due to a number of technical problems associated with remote teaching of applied specialties.