Parents’ tantrum over telecoms fanned the “revolution”

Just like the statistics on coronavirus, is bursting up, the all-Russian parental hysteria about distance learning: moms and dads are ready to go to the barricades, just to return their beloved children to school as soon as possible. In shopping malls and near educational institutions, activists have been collecting signatures for the president in recent days, conspirators are organizing mass meetings on the streets, which, under conditions of restrictions, are disguised as communication with deputies and recreational walks in the autumn park.

Children go to school, don't give a damn about the rest

Hype at a distance in the pre-election year, it seems, can collect a lot of political capital. Even a people’s non-profit organization has already been created, which is ready to defend the rights and demands of the older generation, Parents of Moscow, headed by a certain Ilona Menkova.

Any messages on the Internet on this topic – nervous, twitchy, aggressive, immediately collect tens of thousands of even more radical reposts: “Parents, get up, wake up, you need resistance, write in your social networks about this chaos,” – an ordinary post in one of the closed telegrams -channels.

Who would have thought that our eternally apolitical citizens, who sleepily accepted both murderous medical optimization and the introduction of the Unified State Exam, would suddenly rise on their hind legs in the matter of saving health and lives from a dangerous disease?

Peace to the peoples. Land for the peasants. Children to school at any cost. A win-win agenda in the current situation.

Adults want things to be the same. Objective circumstances, which will no longer be the same as before, because the world has become irrevocably different, are not perceived.

They demand that students be admitted to school even with symptoms and that the class should not be quarantined if one is sick: “We always used to go like this. Well, snot, fever, children do not die from coronavirus. “

Well, first of all, they die, and children also have complications, although they seem to be much less common than in adults (“it seems,” because research on minors is just beginning, and no one knows for sure), but who what does it matter if it concerns some other people’s offspring? After all, their own, relatives, of course, will not suffer. “Because the coronavirus doesn’t exist.”

And what exists? World digital conspiracy. A monstrous experiment. Bill Gates with his vaccines. Flat land. A Chinese man who ate a bat solely for the sake of pupil 9 “B” Vasya Pupkin to go to the distance.

A terrible mixture, when covid-dissidence is superimposed on a spontaneously formed mythological worldview, and at the same time absolute, some kind of childish infantilism in relation to others.

“Ok, is it not dangerous for your children to get sick, but for teachers over fifty, who make up the majority of Russian teachers?”

“The coronavirus is no worse than ARVI. No, I wasn’t sick, that’s why I’m sure of it ”, – arguments at the level“ America doesn’t exist because I wasn’t there ”.

My friend teaches in an inconspicuous town in the very center of Russia. There, too, very few people were – a remote place, a boondocks. There is only one school, the distance was not announced. Children fell ill, followed by the teacher.

A friend herself caught the coronavirus, thank God, she tolerates everything relatively easily. But she spent only a week on sick leave – the PCR tests in their village were over, there is no CT scan, in the long queue at the clinic you can pick up anything at all, so without looking, she was diagnosed with SARS. “Katya, where can you buy at least some medicines? We have nothing at all in our pharmacies, we are saving ourselves with paracetamol, ”she asks me. The city lies.

As far as I understood, distance learning at their school was still announced, but it was a forced measure, because all the teachers went “to the front”, that is, to sick leave, there was no one to teach. They envy Moscow, where, literally, “they didn’t give a damn about the health of the teachers”.

But why take it to extremes? Before medical and pedagogical collapses?

What is more in today’s requirements of parents – the desire for children to receive a decent education, which, as everyone is sure, is not possible online, or is it still possible to throw off the burden of responsibility? Nobody argues how good and convenient it was before – when the parents worked and the teachers taught.

And even an unambiguous positive consequence of the distance – there are fewer traditional school fees, is not taken into account.

Parents want to send their children to school anyway. We admit it honestly, including so as not to deal with them ourselves. The argument that it is scary to leave children at home all day alone does not work – only high school students are on the remote.

And then it suddenly became clear that the children did not know anything. And they don’t want to know. That teachers don’t listen in class, don’t do their homework, they swear in chats (also in writing), lie that the computer has broken down so as not to go online in the morning, and some even in such extreme circumstances manage to disrupt classes. I personally know a class where, using Photoshop, children have attached themselves a 3D face of the class teacher. And even with facial expressions. They would all be five in computer science. Well done!

All this actually happened before. And hooliganism, and deuces, and cartoons of teachers, perhaps not in 3D. It was just terribly far from the parents. And here at hand, before our eyes. Moreover, it is the parents who are now entrusted with the duties of control and education, from which one cannot get away. Just a little – they call them. And parents, forcibly pulled out of their comfort zone, revolt.

It instantly faded from everyone’s memory that our full-time education is also far from perfect.

That there were always good and bad teachers. But now this is simply clearly visible, because the good ones during the summer holidays without coronavirus found ways to take courses in online teaching, and a bad teacher will be hindered by anything – even a cat on the monitor (by the way, it was the distance student who brought students and teachers closer together, the children found out, that teachers are people too, and 90% of teachers have pets who also like to misbehave during the lesson).

That education, like no other form of social life, has always been divided according to the level of well-being and class. Social elevators were and are for a few. Rich to rich, poor to poor. Just like paid online education with teachers from leading universities in the country, digital presentations and individual tests of tests and essays for children traveling with their parents around the world, and does not compare with the mass mailing of standard tasks by Mary Ivanna.

No, remote control is not ideal. And vision sits down, and physical inactivity, from which computer presentations on physical education cannot be saved. Y

Frankly, after the pandemic, it will still not be possible to return completely offline, no matter how much the supporters of the flat Earth theory would not want it in the 21st century. Because there are things that are easier to do at a distance, saving time and energy – the most expensive and irrecoverable human resource. And the biggest plus of distance education and work.

Because it frees life for life.

And as for the reasoning that the authoritarian state wants to control the thoughts and behavior of children, and distance learning was created solely for this, in order to control everyone, it is easier to dictate your will eye to eye – because at a distance there is always the opportunity to draw horns to a 3D teacher.