Schoolchildren on the remote start pretending to be their parents

“It seems to me that this is very selfish of them” – this is how the tenth-grader Nastya commented on the situation with the parents, who set themselves the task of returning their children to school from distance learning. We found out how high school students themselves assess the advantages and disadvantages of studying online and why now they have to pretend to be their own moms and dads.

High school students described the sensations

The guys from the sixth to the eleventh grade went to distance learning, but this problem is especially urgent for graduates – after all, this is their last school year and you need to prepare for the Unified State Exam.

Conflicting news comes in every day. Yesterday, for example, information came that they still want to postpone the final composition. This is admission to state certification, all graduates across the country planned to write it on December 2.

Eleventh graders have been preparing for it since the beginning of September. We read a huge amount of literature, studied all five directions, in which there can be topics. This issue is generally the very first, who does not know what specific topics will be given, they were not voiced – the USE developers decided to complicate the task, who knew that 2020 was not the best time for school experiments. And now it is not known what will happen, will the change be postponed and to when? Extra time, nerves …

But still, oddly enough, unlike parents, adolescents are ready to endure both transferring an essay and distance learning. Maybe because they understand the seriousness of the situation with the coronavirus. “It is easy to say that children do not get sick, that only adults should be pitied when you yourself are already an adult. It’s as if we don’t give a damn about our family, grandparents, and we are not afraid for them, ”sighs 16-year-old Sonya.

While “covid-denying” parents find time to collect signatures for the president, on a petition to abolish distance education, high school students have time only to study, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a distance learning student or not.

“For some reason, few people thought about how we are overwhelmed in graduation classes, that we sleep for five hours, and spend the rest of the time cramming, but now everyone has already taken off their shoes at once,” continues Sonya. So is distance control the most important evil?

A large number of parents complain that during the period of distance learning, not only the child is studying, but also his entire environment, but is this true?

“In the evening there was supposed to be a parent meeting, but it seems that only I needed it,” Ulyana, an eleventh grader, recalled an event a week ago when we asked her to tell her about funny situations at a distance. – Mom was very tired, dad didn’t seem to know about the meeting at all, and grandmother probably forgot, but what could I do? I entered the chat on their behalf. “

I don’t know how funny this case turned out, but it’s definitely non-standard, it turns out that while parents are on strike and protest, children have to not only learn, but also solve organizational issues.

By the way, at that meeting, our interlocutor Ulyana also raised the topic of transferring everyone back to full-time education. “We could have left the 11th grades at least, and dismissed everyone, we have the Unified State Exam !!!” -, one by one, the parents wrote to the meeting chat, although who knows, maybe they were also eleventh graders, pretending to be them? In that case, it’s really funny. By the way, Diana’s school was sent to the distance for a reason, many got sick there.

“There is a virus, unfortunately, people die of it, it should not be underestimated, it is better to protect yourself and your family,” Lena begins her monologue. “But, on the other hand, as an 11th grade graduate, I can say that it is very offensive to spend the last year outside the school,” the girl shares her experiences.

Almost all 2021 graduates are worried about this sad prospect, they formulate it in different ways, but the essence is the same: teenagers are very worried that they will no longer meet with classmates at their desks and celebrate graduation. “It’s true that everyone worries, because after the announcement of the cancellation of the massive New Year’s celebrations, many people think about it, they just keep silent, they are afraid to“ screw up, ”17-year-old Anya smiles sadly.

Everyone remembered the last call online last May, when graduates posted videos on social networks, each on their own, at home, in self-isolation, in school uniforms and with a graduate’s ribbon, with tears in their eyes.

But is it bad to dream good? After all, schoolchildren are not like capricious show business stars. “No, we will not go on strike at ZOOM in order to obligatory demand that the graduation be returned. Since we know that health is more important than “some” goodbye to childhood, ”says Roman.

The big minus of distance learning is that health is sagging. “A huge load on vision, sometimes even up to white spots in the eyes after six lessons at the computer,” Lena continues her story.

Drops for the eyes, as well as a pillow under the back during lessons – the muscles are very sore, and physical education for the majority has been reduced to walking in the yard and to the shops when there is time for them.

It may seem that Generation Z should even like all this, because, in fact, they were born in the era of new technologies and do not know life without them. “It’s one thing to sit for pleasure in social networks, and quite another to study without interruption with the help of the same gadgets,” says tenth grader Artem.

“Personally, I prefer the full-time form, as there is eye contact with the teacher,” 11-grader Daria explains her position for returning to school.

Children say that they feel offended because teachers and parents think that only they are the hardest. “They claim that they are fighting for our rights, but at the same time they do not pay attention to us,” muses the tenth grader Roman.

“Within a month I took homework in the Russian language, but my teacher apparently lost them, it all came to the point that she called my parents, and they all shouted at me, did not even begin to find out the circumstances,” Emil told his “Funny” story.

“There are not so many funny situations, there are more sad ones, you can see how tired the teachers are, how upset they are because of the extension of distance learning,” says my interlocutor Lena, she is in 11th. – I really do not want to continue the distancing, but I see perfectly well that the other, obviously, will not exist yet.

So how is it that children are in fact having a harder time than adults? “We are not comfortable studying outside of school, but we understand that the coronavirus does not care about our feelings and experiences, we have to reassure parents and teachers who think that it’s only they have problems. And most importantly, we are worried about our loved ones. After all, they can become seriously ill, and we do not want this to happen because of us, ”- Ulyana worries.

“Every parent wants only good things for their children, that’s why they behave this way,” the 11th-grader Marina concludes about the parents’ collective petition for canceling the distance.

Everyone is tired of the overwhelming load and confusion, adults can also be understood. But who will understand children?