Students demanded to return the remote control after the death of the professor

The number of quarantine groups in universities is growing rapidly

Until a few weeks ago, most of the students were categorically against distance learning. However, in recent days, the mood of many students has changed dramatically. Students began to turn to the management of universities with a request to transfer all lectures and seminars, except for workshops, to a remote format. At the same time, face-to-face classes are asked to schedule in such a way that they can get to the alma mater, bypassing rush hours in public transport.

The number of quarantine groups in universities is growing rapidly

Over the past two weeks, the number of groups quarantined due to a positive coronavirus test in one of the students has grown significantly, according to students and teachers. This can be seen from the data of educational institutions that are in the public domain. For example, at the Financial University on October 2 there were 38 quarantine groups, and on October 19 – already 52.

The number of cases of coronavirus continues to grow throughout the country. In this regard, the student magazine DOXA published a petition on the Internet demanding the Ministry of Education and Science to transfer all universities in the country to remote mode until the end of the pandemic. Students explain the need for distance by the fact that students and teachers have to travel to classes in public transport, where keeping the distance is almost impossible. In addition, it is very difficult to wear a mask all day at the university, some neglect safety measures.

“We believe that this is a necessary measure, without which it is impossible either to stop the growth of cases in general, or to ensure safety in individual universities. However, in the course of transferring to online learning, the quality of education should not suffer. Universities must provide students and teachers with the necessary equipment and access to programs, ”the appeal says.

“In our institute, about half of the students do not respect the mask and glove regime and social distance,” said Maria, a student at one of the universities. – The administration is simply not able to track all this promptly. And my group has already been in quarantine twice in a month and a half. It’s better to study remotely than to constantly switch to one or another format. In quarantine, we generally have no right to leave the house, even just walk, and the likelihood that someone will get sick again is very high. My parents are at risk, they work remotely, and I can infect them.

Students of the Southern Federal University in Rostov began to collect signatures for the transition to the distance after the death of the professor of the educational institution Taisiya Skorobogatova from the coronavirus. The death of the teacher has shocked the students so much that they don’t want to put the rest of the teachers at risk.

In turn, the MSU Student Council conducted a survey at the university about the transition to remote work due to the complication of the epidemiological situation. About 7.5 thousand students took part in the survey, 59% were in favor of the distance. In this regard, the chairman of the University Student Council in an official letter addressed Viktor Sadovnichy: “In order to protect students from the spread of coronavirus, the MSU Student Council asks you to temporarily transfer all classes to a distance format, except for classes that, for objective reasons, cannot be conducted remotely without losing the quality of education (for example, some workshops). For classes that will nevertheless remain in the classroom format, please provide for such a schedule that will allow you not to interfere with the largest flows of passengers in public transport. “

The representatives of the students asked the rector of Moscow State University not to limit the possibility of visiting the academic buildings and laboratories of the university in the case when the full-time presence is necessary for the performance of qualification and other works.

True, some teachers believe that not all students want to go to the distance precisely out of fear of the coronavirus.

“In our university, classes have been running remotely for several weeks,” said one of the teachers. – Most of the students enter the online program without video, referring to the bad Internet, I see only their avatars. The other day I tried to arrange a roll call not only at the beginning of the lesson, but also at the end, a third of the group did not respond. That is, they just turn on the computer, check in and go about their business. So it is very likely that some students are asking for a distance simply to ease their workdays and lazy.