The main mistakes of the Total Dictation 2020 are named: “Kostya is laying down”

The total dictation of this year, although postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic from April 4 to October 17, was written better than last year. However, many words, including quite simple ones, Russians cannot write correctly, or even simply don’t know. The organizers of the action named the main mistakes that the participants made.

Most often wrong in the word

In total, more than 271.5 thousand people from 45 countries took part in the All-Russian action “Total dictation” this year, said Olga Rebkovets, project director. Moreover, this could be done in three different formats:

– The first format is full-time, but in the current situation there were only 1,646 such sites, – said Rebkovets. – They wrote the dictation in the audience, observing all sanitary standards and social distance, and therefore more than 50 people were not invited to the sites. But still, more than 35.5 thousand people wrote the TD in person. Another possibility is to write a dictation online. The third is the new format “We write at home”, when the forms are received in advance at TD points, they write dictation on them at home, and then submit the work for verification. This form was chosen by nearly 231 thousand people.

The final results of TD-2020 have not yet been summed up: according to the rules of this year, the participants of the action, who worked in the format “I am writing at home”, still continue to submit their works. However, the inspectors have already made some conclusions.

– According to tradition, the best words were written on the rules that are well studied at school – for example, the spelling of verbs in “tsya” and “tsya”, – said the chief inspector, chairman of the philological council of “Total dictation” Vladimir Pakhomov. moreover, both expected and completely unexpected.

Among the expected belongs, according to the organizers, the most difficult word of the current dictation – “lacked” in the meaning of “not enough” and its derivatives. Many did not recognize the prefix “under”, which is written together with the word, and wrote it according to the rule of writing the particle “not” with verbs. That is, they separated the first two letters from the rest of the word. Another leader in terms of misspelling is the word “external”, although, frankly, I do not know where you can make a mistake in it.

Among the unexpected, Pakhomov attributed massive mistakes in the word “philosophical”, where the participants in the dictation tried to replace the second letter “f” with “v”. I was also upset by the inability to choose a capital or capital letter “z” in the word earth, depending on whether we are talking about the name of the planet or not.

Incorrectly, to the surprise of the inspectors, many have written the word “assistant”. In St. Petersburg, said Svetlana Drugoveyko-Dolzhanskaya, chairman of the city expert commission of Total Dictation, the spelling of this word in each work was literally checked even with a magnifying glass, so as not to confuse “w” and “u”. But the fact is the fact: many people in Russia spell this word incorrectly.

There are also funny works. If the favorite cartoon of the past was “Mozart and Savely”, written by one of the participants instead of “Mozart and Salieri”, then the highlight of this season is the “public library” found in one of the works instead of the “public library”. The “city of Pyatka” instead of “the city of Vyatka”, as well as “brisk crinolines” instead of the “skirt-crinolines” turned out quite well. But my special respect to the one who wrote “Kostya is eating” instead of “Kostya is eating”. Here it is, the age of blogs and bloggers, in all its glory!

However, the variety of mistakes is quite consistent with the variety among TD participants: “In the audience where I dictated, a girl with chewing gum and dreadlocks was sitting next to a lady in a hat with a veil. And nearby there are young people whose appearance you would never say that they are interested in the rules of spelling and punctuation, ”said one of the“ dictators ”of this year’s“ Total Dictation ”Fyokla Tolstaya. So the overall picture is generally correct.

It is also curious that TD-2020, according to Pakhomov, was written better than last year: “fives”, when the check of all works is completed, most likely, it will be about 5%. The reason, perhaps, lies in the fact that this time, due to the postponement, the preparation for the dictation lasted for a year and a half, and online schools operated both in the spring and in the fall. Moreover, in Moscow before the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, it was even possible to conduct one full-time lesson.

The final results of TD-2020 have not yet been summed up, and the organizers have begun preparing the next Total Dictation. While it is scheduled for April 10, 2021. And everyone hopes that the date will have to be changed more.