Immunologist spoke about the rules of living with an infected coronavirus

Allergologist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told what measures must be followed when living with a COVID-19 patient so as not to get infected from him. The doctor shared useful advice in an interview with Sputnik radio.

These measures will help to avoid infection

First of all, if one of the family members contracted the virus, then all his entourage must go into quarantine, the doctor said. At the same time, living together with an infected person does not mean that the rest of the family members will certainly get sick too.

Firstly, a patient with coronavirus must move away from the rest in a separate room, and if he leaves it, then other family members must “scatter in the corners.” The patient must be sure to wash his hands, wear a mask and use separate dishes.

“Also, public places in the apartment should be used only after disinfection,” Bolibok added.

These measures are sufficient to prevent the spread of the infection in the family. The immunologist noted that many are caring for infected relatives and remain healthy.

Bolibok also listed the main hidden symptoms indicating coronavirus infection. Among them are coughing and tickling, swollen lymph nodes and dry nose.

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