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Ministry of Health named toys harmful to children’s psyche

What toys are dangerous for the psyche of children, the Ministry of Health was determined. The department has prepared a bill that lists the main risks of games for the fragile nervous system of the younger generation. As follows from the project, even ordinary citizens will be able to remove harmful toys from store shelves.

Banned - violence and alcohol

When developing the amendments, the officials consulted with the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health, specialists from the Institute. Bekhterev and doctors from other specialized clinics. The result is a list of seven items. These, according to the department, are the main dangers that can come from board and computer games, as well as from ordinary toys. Among the main risks to children’s mental health are games with scenes of physical abuse, pornographic pictures, and scenarios in which the player must offend a person or hit a cat or dog. Games in which characters smoke or drink alcohol may also be banned. A serious threat also looms over computer shooting games. Any manifestations of aggression or situations where a player becomes a victim or the culprit of an accident, according to the developers of the document, are harmful to the psyche.

Also blacklisted games with scenes of illegal behavior. For example, if, as planned by the scriptwriters of a computer game, the hero must steal something to pass to the next level, or simply wanders around the world, neither officials nor psychiatrists will approve of such a game. In addition, sellers will have to hide board games with a touch of excitement from children. But the authors of the bill have an ambiguous attitude towards game scenarios where the hero or other participants die. Only games that demonstrate death in degrading form are declared harmful in the bill. That is, if a player “dies” in a tank or at the helm of a virtual bomber, it will not harm the child’s mental health.

Finally, there should be nothing in the games that offends the feelings of believers of any religion. Whether the game poses a threat will be decided by government bureau experts. Moreover, both officials and employees of public organizations and ordinary citizens will be able to order their research. If the expertise finds in the game at least one risk from the new list, the Ministry of Health will be informed about this, and the harmful entertainment will be removed from the market.