Scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced the approach of a pandemic “much more serious than coronavirus”

In the coming years, humanity will face an antibiotic resistance pandemic that will be worse than the COVID-19 pandemic. This was stated by Simon Matskeplishvili, deputy director for scientific work of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center of Moscow State University, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the scientist, in the next couple of years, a bacterial pandemic will become “an absolute reality” caused by the fact that microbes will become less vulnerable to antibiotics.

“And this is much more serious than coronavirus or any other infection,” Matskeplishvili said in an interview with the Tsargrad TV channel.

A prerequisite for this is the misuse of antibiotics, which began to be resorted to in the treatment of COVID-19, both infected and doctors. Matskeplishvili noted that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people rushed to use antibiotics as if they were dealing with them for the first time and did not know the basic principles of their use. For example, with their help, patients try to bring down the temperature, and doctors prescribe “crazy combinations” of drugs that have never been used before.

According to the scientist, such thoughtless use of antibiotics can greatly exacerbate the problem of weak sensitivity of microbes to them. In addition, the development of more powerful antibiotics is difficult due to the fact that already at the stage of research, microorganisms manage to adapt to them, although the concentration of the drug can exceed the therapeutic one by a factor of thousands.

“Therefore, my advice: stop taking antibiotics without reason!” – said the professor.

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