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The most dangerous ways to cook potatoes are named

Endocrinologist of the highest qualification category Elena Gubkina gave recommendations on cooking potatoes. The specialist, in particular, told why it is better to give up potatoes “in their uniforms.”

Better to forget about the tubers in the

Cooking and even more so eating potatoes cooked in a peel is dangerous, since it is in the peel that the most harmful substances accumulate from the soil and air.

The doctor added that you should not expose the tubers to high temperatures, for example, when deep-fried – such vegetables will become a source of toxins and fats, reports AiF.

The best ways to make “second bread” are to boil the tubers or steam them. Then the potatoes will contain the maximum amount of nutrients – vitamin B6, potassium and sodium.

Gubkina also noted that the safe consumption rate for potatoes is 200-300 grams twice a week.