The tester named the main problem of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus

President Putin ordered next week to start mass vaccination against coronavirus in Russia – it will be voluntary and free. But Russians still have concerns. Deterioration of the psychological state, the late emergence of real protection against COVID-19 … On the eve of the start of universal vaccination, we decided to learn about its possible pros and cons from the very first testers of the Russian vaccine, as well as from those who decided to acquire immunity to coronavirus in this way just the other day.

We first asked two vaccine testers from the first wave to share their life after vaccination. They were vaccinated in the summer, after which they were isolated for two weeks in the clinic. The first person I got through was Georgy Smirnov, a 23-year-old food worker.

– It’s been three and a half months since your vaccination. How do you feel? Are there any side effects that bother you?

– No, as I said before, the slight discomfort in the form of headache, fever and swelling at the injection site disappeared the next morning after vaccination. I didn’t feel any more discomfort. Neither me, nor my loved ones – my mother and sister, with whom I live in the same apartment, have not contracted the coronavirus, and this is the main thing.

The other day I talked with a man whose whole family fell ill with covid. “Well, – I think, – here is the case presented to test the effectiveness of the vaccine.” Fortunately, nothing showed up. Then I also brought food to this friend, and the virus also bypassed me.

– Did you get the vaccine in two rounds?

– No, one. I was in the very first group to get the vaccine once. The second group was injected twice with an interval of 21 days.

– You talked to them, what is their reaction?

– According to them, the first injection, like some of us, they “felt”, that is, someone’s body ached, someone had a fever. And the second one did not feel at all as if it was saline solution.

– How are you doing with antibodies?

– Almost everyone has a controversial issue with this: someone has, someone does not.

After I was tested for antibodies (this was 10 days after discharge), it turned out that I did not have them. The review was like this: “You have not been sick and are not sick now.” I wrote about this to a consultant at the clinic. They answered me the following: “There are categories of people in whom antibodies do not grow, and cellular immunity dominates. It is not clear yet which is better. So do not rush to get upset and check yourself for other specific antibodies that you should have. “

– Have you been tested for T-cell immunity?

– Not yet. I don’t know where to do this. In the clinic where we were vaccinated, now the group that dealt with the topic of COVID-19 is no longer there, and therefore there is no one to come to. I would like to have a CT scan and a blood test, but the doctors are doing something else, you have to look somewhere yourself, where to get tested. But on the other hand, as far as oral consultations are concerned, we have good communication by phone. Doctors call us themselves, at any time of the day or night we can ask a question of concern to us in the group.

My second interlocutor, Natalya Ageeva, was in the same group with Georgy. She is 40, she is a manager in a cleaning company.

– I always felt normal, except for the adaptation after being in the clinic. A month after vaccination and quarantine, I was recovering, resting, gradually entering a working rhythm. Now I’m fine, and I want to tell everyone – get vaccinated so as not to put yourself and others at risk.

– Almost four months have passed since you were discharged. Were you sick at all?

– Quite recently, when the period of autumn colds began, I had a runny nose. I breathed over the brewed chamomile in sachets, and everything went away at once. I feel great now.

– Have you been tested for antibodies?

– We have no antibodies. I asked our doctors, and they said that our worker is T-cell immunity – cells that feel the infection and begin to kill.

By the way, many hope that by taking precautions, such as masks and gloves, they will save themselves from infection. For this, I have an example of my friend. She strictly observed this regime: gloves, a mask … In the end, she got sick anyway.

And here is what a well-known journalist who was vaccinated against coronavirus just the other day told us (he asked not to be named):

– I went through the first round of vaccinations this Monday. Before giving the injection, I was warned about possible negative side effects such as a rise in temperature over the next three days. But in my case, nothing of the kind happened.

On the first evening everything was perfect. And on the second day, the injection site began to ache a little. But something happened that I was not ready for, and about which I was not warned – a deterioration in the psychological state. As the specialists with whom I consulted, in the days after the first injection, a powerful drop in immunity is inevitably inevitable. And therefore, in order not to get to the full program, you need to take care of yourself as much as possible – limit contacts, visits to public places, etc., etc. This turned out to be unexpectedly difficult for me.

My mood worsened even more when it turned out that I should only have the “armor” for coronavris next year – 42 days after the first injection and 21 days after the second. While this waiting period seems to me very painful.

Virologist Alexei Agranovsky’s comment: “Many vaccines actually work at their best a week after the second vaccination. Therefore, if a person has the first days to be at home without contacting a large number of people, it is better to take advantage of this opportunity.

If there is no opportunity to stay at home for a long time, and you feel normal, you can naturally go out, using personal protective equipment. They are needed primarily for the vaccinated themselves, until their immunity against coronavirus is strengthened. They are not dangerous for those around them. “

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