Efremov demanded a new examination: he could be in the back seat

Actor Mikhail Efremov suggested that the scar on his neck came from the seat belt from the back seat of the car. He stated this at the trial in the Presnensky court.

– Where did you get a trace on the left side, Mikhail Olegovich? – Elman Pashayev asked.

– When I sat in the back, the belt was always fastened. I threw it over my head, – said Efremov and began to say something about editing.

– Michael! – Pashayev pulled him back.

– Let me tell! – Efremov snapped.

– If I sat on the passenger seat, then I threw the belt, and he himself was already fastened. My head really hurt terribly. Maybe I really broke the glass with my head … And there was also a moment. I remember not trying to get behind the wheel. I walked from the pub for a card, and I entered from the passenger side. And what happened next, I do not remember, – said Efremov. – Do you feel sorry for the examination? How am I different from others? That there are five of you and three of us. This is not fair!