Efremov gave strange testimony: “Maybe they pulled me into a car”

Mikhail Efremov testified in his criminal case at the Presnensky court hearing.

And once again asked for a biological examination

– I dimly begin to remember this day – from five or six in the evening. I drank a bottle of vodka at home that day. Then I looked for beer in a taxi. I don’t remember whether I was with someone. Maybe I got into the car outside the pub for a card. I often have a car there. Or maybe I didn’t use the car that day. You don’t use my phone billing. In principle, I hardly remember anything. Maybe I gave in myself, maybe they pulled me into the car. I don’t quite understand where the drugs come from. I don’t understand where the doctor found the cocaine in me. I had parties three days before, but I have no craving for this drug.

I also want to make a statement. The Sovremennik Theater is a sacred place for me. Neither Stebunov nor Garmash have anything to do with this case. What else can I say? I do not remember anything. I don’t remember hitting. I began to come to myself with the investigator. There I began to slowly let go. I don’t remember a medical examination. I saw a person on the screen, myself. My wife was filming me in a terrible state. I hardly recognized myself, because I behave differently even when drunk. My memory begins with the fact that I sit with the investigator. I don’t remember whether he offered me a lawyer. Probably not. Then my friends met me. Dasha (Daria Belousova – actress, Efremov’s friend – ed.) Invited me to go to them, it was quieter there. Then in the morning the unfortunate victim died, and we went to the Tagansky court.

I remember the investigator. Dear man, I answer some questions. I am afraid to take advantage of some of these memories – suddenly I made it up for myself. I would like to say that I was not driving. But television began to take apart this accident with such delight. I don’t remember ever sorting out an accident like that. But the frames showed cropped. Both Gaev and Kobets were shown the same cropped videos from television. I ask again, this is my last request – do a biological examination.

Answering Pashayev’s question, Efremov added:

– I pleaded guilty because I was hungover. Of all the teapots they said I was a murderer. Then I watched the video, the sound was cut there. There I seem to say “I’m guilty”. In fact, I said that it was not my fault. It was even said by my wife, one of the best sound engineers.