Efremov has five days to find a new lawyer: the process will not be stopped

Acting lawyers explained the meaning of today’s act of Mikhail Efremov. The artist accused of a fatal accident at a meeting in the Presnensky court refused his lawyer Elman Pashayev.

Lawyers clarified the meaning of today's act of the accused

As it turned out, Efremov has five days to find a new lawyer. If during this time he does not find a lawyer for himself, he will be provided with a state lawyer.

Changing a lawyer will not affect the process in any way. There will be no re-examination of witnesses – the process will begin from the moment it stopped today.

Efremov stated his position – he believes that there is a bias towards his lawyers. Although some observers assumed that the artist would refuse Pashayev’s services because of his peculiar manner of defending.

Nevertheless, the next meeting is already scheduled for Monday. Perhaps by this time Efremov will have a new lawyer.