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Efremov played the worst role in court: “I didn’t drive drunk!”

The trial in the case of Mikhail Efremov has finally turned into a tragedy with very bad actors. And the worst of them is the defendant himself, who said today that “he never got drunk behind the wheel”. Although his film biography contains the role of a jury (Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “12”), in a real court, Mikhail Olegovich, as they say, swam. There is no need to talk about witnesses for the defense. One is more beautiful than the other.

Defense witnesses complicate the position of the accused

The new old lawyer of Efremov, Elman Pashayev, began on Monday traditionally – he pelted the court with petitions for various examinations. The petitions were interspersed with eloquent remarks. For example, such.

Efremov: “Apart from the intoxication, I was clearly not myself and was hit. In the old days, the court fulfilled the last wish of the sentenced to death. I was sentenced to death on June 9 on all federal TV channels. I ask you, this is my last wish, do a biological examination. Because I have never driven drunk. My experience speaks for this ”.

Pashayev: “Efremov understands nothing! He even looks at me like Lenin looks at the bourgeoisie! ”

The court dismissed all the motions. And then again came the turn of the accident witnesses, who saw that it was not Efremov at all driving the killer jeep. Although the first speaker, entrepreneur Tevon Badasyan, was not even at the scene of the accident.

“I often buy cigarettes in the area of ​​Plotnikov Lane. Stopped near a pub, said the witness. – A man walked 15 steps away from me. There weren’t many people, so I remember him. He approached the car, it seems it was a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a thug license plate. He caught up with the car and sat in the passenger seat. Was there anyone in the back seat, I did not see, the windows are tinted. But I definitely, 100% saw that the person got on the passenger one ”.

The lawyer of Sergei Zakharov’s family immediately asked to remember how many cars and what brands were parked near the court. Badasyan failed the check – he did not name a single one. Instead, he suddenly began to be rude: he ordered the lawyer to “do his own thing,” and his colleague even said that she would “fly out of here”.

To the prosecutor’s question, “What was Efremov?” the witness answered eight times: “Not in a jacket!” And again he was rude: “What do you even allow yourself? I don’t trust you! ”

In addition, it turned out that Badasyan is a member of a certain international group investigating the case of Mikhail Olegovich (so, looking, the case will reach the Strasbourg court): “Recently a letter was sent to Hollywood. It is necessary that they know what is happening with an actor like them. I want the truth, I came here for the truth! “

“You ruin the mess with your truth,” attorney Pashayev threw the witness through clenched teeth.

– You all want me to die, – Efremov was completely sad.

The artist was hardly pleased with the interrogation of Andrei Gaev. His friend Aleksandr Kobets tried to convince everyone 10 days ago that immediately after the accident, Efremov got out of the back seat of the jeep. True, Alexander honestly admitted that he sees very badly and, moreover, was drunk. Andrey turned out to be more keen-sighted. This witness even gave up his vacation for the triumph of the truth. In Anapa, he rested, but at the first call of the defender Efremov decided to fly to Moscow. True, then he changed his mind: he was scared. Pashayev, witness Gaev cost a pretty penny – the lawyer had to buy a plane ticket for him twice. And yesterday the man was very worried that he did not testify by video link: “You are far away in Anapa, he answered, and that was all. And here they will shove a stamen into a bochin for you. “

By the way, the witness said that he fought in the Donbass. But, apparently, the Russian court is more terrible for him.

– I just wanted to smoke and suddenly heard a blow, – Gaev described the moment of the accident. – I don’t remember about the brakes, but there was a blow. I turn obliquely and see: the jeep is practically facing me. And I see the bottom of the second car.

Sasha ran to the cars. I saw the passenger side obliquely, I did not see the driver’s side at all, the airbags were deployed there. The passenger door opened and a man with tousled hair comes out, holding his neck. He looked like a proverb: raise – raised, but forgot to wake up.

True, in the video from the scene of the accident, Gaev categorically did not recognize himself. “Because these minutes have been cut out,” shouted Pashayev.

– Wo, that’s me! The witness finally rejoiced.

– Yeah, wearing a mask, right? You said before that you were without a mask! – the prosecutor caught the witness.

During the interrogation, it turned out that the biography of the witness was so-so. Three times involved in drinking alcohol in public places. And how many for petty hooliganism, he does not even remember “Well, anything happened. Beat someone … When I was driving from Donbass, I was drunk. They took me away, I had to give money ”.

“To whom?” – the prosecutor specified.

– A policeman. I gave a bribe.

Addiction to alcohol left Gayev without a license. For refusing a medical examination, he was deprived of his driver’s license and was fined 30 thousand rubles. Moreover, he received three years in prison for beating his wife.

It seems that such a witness was and was needed by the accused.