Efremov’s lawyer at court swore at the victim’s lawyer

The lawyer of the actor Mikhail Efremov Elman Pashayev spoke obscenely against a colleague representing the injured party right in the courtroom. REN TV reports.

The actor's defender was then besieged

During the meeting in the case of an accident with the participation of Efremov, Pashayev unexpectedly cursed at the lawyer of the Zakharov family, Anna Butyrina, calling her an obscene word meaning “a girl with reduced social responsibility.” However, the lawyer was immediately besieged, demanding to behave decently.

It is noted that the reasons for this behavior of Pashayev are not known.

It is worth noting that during today’s hearing of Efremov’s case, the actor’s lawyer behaved very emotionally. At first, he was outraged that the defense of the victims allegedly tells the witness how to answer his questions, and then accused his opponents that the video of Efremov leaving the wheel, presented to the court, was in fact a fake.

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