Mikhail Efremov reached the bottom

The trial of Mikhail Efremov, which quickly turned into a farce, went beyond the bounds of decency. Lying ideas sound, madmen are chanting at the court, lies are refuted by lies, the hall smells of alcohol more and more distinctly … A little more, and gypsies with a bear will appear.

For many days the process has been following the same scenario. A muddy and quiet Efremov comes, sits huddled, endures until a break, and then, on the second part, he comes to life like a Phoenix. Begins to mischievously buzz, not very articulate, his eyes shine. There is a bottle of cola on the table. Journalistic noses pick up a characteristic odor. Anyone with a hangover will recognize this picture in a second.

Therefore, Efremov does not have rejection when in court the “expert” talks about “energy clots” at the scene of the accident. The aura there, they say, was bad, so the actor lost control. Therefore, it is not to blame. Or he was blinded with a laser, and poison was thrown into the air conditioner of the car … It is simply impossible to hear all this shame about yourself soberly.

But the “fans” of the artist, who are confident in the intrigues of, if not aliens, then the FSB – for sure, like it.

It is clear that the court is obliged to hear the witnesses for the defense. But what did they say? That Efremov is a good person? That they were drinking with him, and his favorite drink – “Jameson”?

That he is not an alcoholic, did not use drugs and did not drive drunk? All this is absolutely nothing, since there are the results of the examination.

But on Thursday at the trial, Yefremov’s wife said a key thing. About how Efremov was used: “Have fun and left. They used it, and then delivered it to me for me to wipe it off, launder it. It’s not fair”.

Now we see the same thing. They use Efremov and the tragedy that happened. Some even have fun. And everything that happens is not fair. There is a denial of a simple and obvious thing: Efremov, being drunk, made an accident, and as a result a person died. There is nothing but this. No security officers-hackers, no dark energies, no provocations.

And it looks like Efremov has no friends. The real ones. Those who understand what he has done and are ready to help. Not to smear, as a lawyer who is confused in his own testimony tries. Namely, help. Through the pain. Help honestly admit guilt and atone for it.

In practical addiction treatment there is such a thing as the bottom. That is, a person has nowhere to go further: either the grave, or try to emerge. Efremov is now at the bottom. He has a chance to push off and swim where the light is. If you find real friends and lend a hand.

But it is buried in silt. They hang weights of self-pity on their feet, their beloved: Misha, you are not like that, everyone is to blame, but not you, these are circumstances, not your addiction, we will save you from prison. And he begins to believe. Especially when there is a show around, the atmosphere familiar to the artist, and inside the heat spills and fogs the brain.

Efremov may not survive the hangover from all this cabaret, which will inevitably come after the verdict.