The common-law wife of Sergei Zakharov explained the absence of Efremov at the verdict

The song of Mikhail Efremov has been sung. 8 years in a general regime colony. And the family of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who was killed in an accident, will continue to live. And to carry the load that they put on their conscience when in court they called the beloved woman of the deceased an impostor. We contacted Zakharov’s common-law wife Irina Sterkhova and learned a lot of interesting things about the victims.

Relatives of road traffic accident victim prefer Turkey to court

– Nobody from Seryozha’s relatives communicates with me. Previously, we also did not lead a special friendship, and now we have become even more strangers, ” Irina Sterkhova began the conversation. – I remember, at one time, Sergei tried to drag me out to general family events – to the park, restaurant, bowling, but I always refused.

When I first met, I treated Sergei’s brother Valery normally, but I didn’t like his wife Tatyana right away. I can’t explain the reason. It’s intuitive, some people like round faces, some like oval ones. Time passed, we began to live with Seryozha, and my opinion about this family did not change, my intuition did not disappoint. We sometimes saw each other, smiled at each other, but did not communicate closely.

– Why did they not confirm at the trial that you were the civil wife of the deceased for many years?

– I think Sergey’s brother, Valery, went into denial under the influence of his wife. It was then that conversations began, as if I was just renting out a bed to Seryozha. I wanted to ask Valera a question, why are you rewriting the fate of your brother, editing his life? After all, Valery knew that his brother and I had been together for 20 years, he could simply confirm this fact at the trial, not invent legends.

– Why didn’t they ask him this question?

– During the talk show there was an opportunity to ask a question, but Valery’s wife did not give me a word to say. I thought for a long time why they did this. I’ll tell you my version. Their son works in law enforcement, he is a bailiff. Seryozha’s official wife, Margarita, held a high position in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, acquired contacts. I assume that she helped to knock out a place in the department for her nephew, to transfer him from bailiffs to a more decent position. In any case, in relation to the deceased Sergei, his brother acted dishonestly. Valery said that Serezha’s departure caused him moral and emotional trauma. Then why did he lie? Or was there no trauma, does he continue to live as before? But I no longer live as before.

– Why did the three victims refuse material compensation?

– I do not support Pashayev’s line, the lawyer brought Efremov under the monastery. If it had not been for this defense lawyer, the defendant might have received a less severe sentence. But when the side of the victims at the trial announced the amount of compensation in one ruble, Pashayev remarked correctly: “Whoever loved him asked so much.” I liked this phrase. Guys, you didn’t demanded a ransom from Efremov, but assessed the moral damage by the court. And you estimated it at one ruble? It means that you did not suffer so much.

– The eldest son of Efremov, Vitaly, estimated moral damage at 7.5 million. Do you communicate with him?

– I communicate with him. But other relatives threw him out of their circle, and even knocked on the head with an oar.

– What is it like?

– The wife of Sergei’s brother Tatyana insistently demanded some money from him, they say, he must return the debt. Probably, we are talking about the money that he was paid to participate in the talk show. Another case. Once Vitalik stayed overnight at his grandmother’s house, so Tatyana kicked him out with the words: “Why have you arranged a flophouse here, should I clean up after you?” Although Vitaly grew up in this house, he is dear to him, his grandmother raised him, raised him. Now relatives threw all Vitaly’s things, his photographs from the grandmother’s house. And my grandmother’s memory became short. She quickly forgot Vitaly and his daughter. Now he only remembers the granddaughter of the youngest son Seryozha, the son of Margarita. But her beloved grandson was deleted from her memory.

– Who looks after the mother of the deceased?

– I also have a big question about this. Moreover, Sergei’s brother and his wife now flew to Turkey.

– At the announcement of the verdict, they were not noticed.

“According to them, they were forced to flee from the threats that they allegedly received from the villagers.

– Who is threatening them?

– I have no idea. But they said that they were being threatened in the village, they fled from the persecution. I recently called a local resident, she laughed, well, what threats, who needs them? But here the question arises – to whom did they leave Maria Ivanovna, the mother of the deceased? Previously, my Seryozha paid their son money so that he would look after his grandmother, and Tatyana would cook his mother-in-law. Now who will cook for the old lady? Maybe Tanya made a pot of borscht for a week, but the pensioner needs help to warm up the food. She is old, eats a little, but she does not eat borscht alone. I’m afraid that my grandmother is left to fend for herself, I don’t know who is looking after her. Moreover, the eldest grandson was forbidden to visit her.

– Earlier, like a neighbor looked after her?

– At one time, the neighbor’s aunt Zina was courting, she is the same age as Maria Ivanovna. Two years ago, a woman broke her arm; elderly people have injuries that take a long time to heal. In short, she has not been an assistant since then.

– By the way, on the air of the talk show, Sergey’s brother and his wife accused you of missing money.

– They showed me where Serezha and I had spent Maria Ivanovna’s pension. They no longer know what kind of slop to throw out on me. The fact is that Sergei received the pension for his mother. We spent this money on food, treatment of the woman. 15 thousand of this amount were paid monthly to the son of Vitaly and Tatiana, so that he would come to his grandmother once a day, warm up a bowl of soup and leave.

– Why did the grandson look after his own grandmother for money?

– I also thought it was strange, I asked Sergei about it. He said: “I have no choice; my grandson will not take care of me for free. And if he is not there, we will have to live in the village and take care of our mother ourselves. ”

– Why didn’t you go to the verdict?

– Nobody invited me. By law, I’m nobody to Sergei. And I didn’t want to crowd in the company of journalists. So I follow the process on the Internet.

– Did you sigh when it was over?

– Finally, this circus has come to an end. But my pain has not gone anywhere, thank God that now my condition will not be in the public domain. I want to erect a monument to Seryozha, but it will not be interesting for people. Here was Efremov, all attention was riveted to him, and now I will do everything in silence, without unnecessary hassle.

– Soon everyone will forget both Efremov and this story.

– Hurry up. I recently read in the news that Efremov’s team was thinking of exhuming Sergei’s body. Someone doubted that he was dead. I grabbed my head. I thought, Lord, when it’s over, so that I don’t see or hear. People, are you crazy? Because I’m glad it’s over. Now I’m much safer that I don’t have to listen to such trash.

– Do you think the verdict is fair?

– Yes, I am satisfied with the verdict.