“The eccentricities of Efremov’s defense occur with his consent”

On Friday, the trial of the actor Mikhail Efremov continued. And his defender Elman Pashayev continued to shock the audience. The day before, the lawyer summoned a witness with poor eyesight, who, moreover, had drunk 1.5 liters of beer before the accident. Today Pashayev asked to bring a witness from Anapa, and then challenged the judge. The court hearings resemble a performance, other lawyers are sure. One of them, on condition of anonymity, agreed to comment on this tactic.

The lawyer believes that Elman Pashayev is acting on the instructions of his client

– I will say this – obviously, this protection scheme suits Efremov. Each such step is discussed with the client, who pays money for legal defense, and, as they say, rules the show. The fact that the court resembles a show – they probably see some sense in it. Maybe at the end they will declare a “bomb”, from which everyone will be stunned.

– Would you choose the same line of defense?

– I would talk with the client to understand his wishes. If the client spoke in this direction, then of course. Although I am not a supporter of such methods.

– After all, at first Efremov in a video message indirectly confirmed his guilt in an accident, and then denied. Why is the actor manipulating the truth like gloves?

– After talking with a lawyer. They discussed tactics.

– Do you think the lawyer and his client behave correctly?

– It depends on what verdict they are counting on. If you get an acquittal, but it won’t be – then a loss in the defense line.

– What feelings do court reports evoke?

– Comic, as this is a real circus show. Now the lawyers will arrange a skirmish among themselves, then Dzhigurda will appear.

– Why can’t the judge stop it?

– The judge is in his place, assesses the case from the position of the law.