The lawyer explained how much they can actually give Efremov

The forecast about how long the actor Mikhail Efremov will receive in reality was announced by the lawyer Oksana Mikhalkina. Let us remind you that today, September 3, during the debate of the parties in the Presnensky Court, the prosecutor requested 11 years in a general regime colony. The lawyer assumes that the judge will appoint 8 years. Mikhalkina substantiated her position.

– The state prosecution named such a long term because of the behavior of lawyers, both on the part of the prosecution and the defense. The circus was staged in court, everyone angered. I feel sorry for Efremov, he became a hostage of lawyers. In theory, with the correct behavior in court, in case of compensation for damage to the victims, he would receive the lower bar – five years in prison. And even four years – this would also be possible.

– Your forecast?

– My guess: the judge will give 8 years in a strict regime colony. According to the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which is imputed to the actor (clause “a”, part 4 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), I note that you cannot be released on parole.

– How does a last-minute admission of guilt work?

– It doesn’t smell at anything. Here is another bad thing – that at first he admitted, and then refused. This is interpreted extremely negatively – if you admit it, then stand your ground.

– In your opinion, the appeal will help reduce the time limit?

– If they give 8 years, the appeal will leave everything in force. Because everyone was watching this circus, people have a certain opinion.