The witness who “saved” Efremov got confused in the circumstances of the accident: he turned the car over

The interrogation of the witness Alexander Kobets at the trial in the case of an accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov turned into a real farce. As a result, the witness became completely confused and, it seems, only aggravated the unenviable position of the accused.

According to him, Sergey Zakharov's car was lying with its wheels up

In the first minutes, the witness quite clearly described the participants in the accident – Efremov himself and a certain person from the driver’s seat.

First, Alexander described the actor:

– It was he. But at that time, his hair was like Alla Pugacheva’s.

Then Kobets said that the driver had threatened him and reached into his waistcoat pocket.

– The driver said that if I don’t hide out of sight, then I will have problems.

And after that, the witness began to boil

– I was scared, as you do not understand. I just wanted to leave! Because I had fear! Elman Pashayev told me “You are more at home”. As they say, my home, my fortress, – said the witness.

-Sick man! Be more important. If you only knew what it cost me to bring him here! – lawyer Elman Pashayev cried out.

By the way, now the man is also “under the supervision of Pashayev”. The lawyer rented him a room in a hostel opposite the law office.

Speaking about his movements, the witness explained that he did not know Moscow, but remembered the square where he drank beer with a friend without having a snack (we drank one and a half liters of Baltika No. 9).

When the prosecutor tried to find out the witness’s route more precisely, Pashayev shouted that “the prosecutor is misleading.” The witness began to swear: they say, the questions are repeated. And, finally losing his temper, he grabbed the signature (witness document) and folded it in half, so that the prosecutors would finally understand it.

– Put a subscription, – the judge saved the document

To the reasonable question why Kobets did not turn to the investigators, the witness answered

– I was afraid. I would trust you, trust the prosecutor. And I would not trust the cops. They do not inspire confidence in me.

In the end, the witness, apparently, was completely tired, as he said that Sergei Zakharov’s car was lying “with its wheels up.”

– Thank you, I understand everything, – said the lawyer of the victims.