Bari Alibasov’s trick reminded Arkady Babchenko

Bari walks through the canals like a buffet. Take a walk – I don’t want to. Rumors about his death were greatly exaggerated. Now he’s just a hero. Hero of the day, week, year. He played the whole country and fries to the fullest. What a clever girl!

Make a fool of our brother


Died-shmumer, if only he was healthy. Marusia was poisoned. Bari poisoned? God knows. Well, producer, what do you get from him. Producer of his own life. And a little death.

All of Russia was worried, sympathized. And to his beautiful wife Lydia Nikolaevna, and the group “Na-Na”. “Faina, Faina”, “Hat fell, fell to the floor …” Just like Bari from a wheelchair in Malakhov’s studio. People opened their mouths, almost crying, condolences to the poor thing, and Bari looks at them with his clever eyes, grins: “Well, you are all fools.” Oh, Bari, Bari …

And what a goose Malakhov! Is he in a share? No, in the game. That our life is a game, and death is a game, and poisoning with a pipe cleaning fluid called “Mole” is still a game. What a wonderful game!

In life, you have to be Stanislavsky, shout “I do not believe!” – to everyone. When Andrei Malakhov came to the Israeli psychiatric hospital to the notable “nutcase” Kirkorov – I don’t believe it! When I switched from channel to channel from a pure heart – I don’t believe it! Although what does Malakhov have to do with it, we’re talking about Bari.

Bari’s trick reminded me know who? You would never guess. Arkady Babchenko! Only Babchenko, unlike Bari, will be even cooler. Bari nae … surprised the whole country, but Babchenko – the whole world, no less. He washed himself, so to speak, with pig’s blood. And after all, Klimkin, their foreign minister, shouted to the entire UN: “Murderers!” Many believed.

Yes, the show must go on. For me, the main tsimes from this whole PR campaign is that Bari is more likely alive than dead. And Arkasha Babchenko is also alive. Well, let them live on. And make a fool of our brother. Oh, they are making a fool!


“Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “(” Russia-1 “). Liberals have such a personal dislike for the victim that they cannot eat. I am not a liberal, I can.

Photo: Still from video

At first, I also thought it was such a sweet-sweet format. That there will be “and Putin is so young …”, but nothing else. Putin is the most alive, yes.

However, I do not like propagandists as much as liberals. And maybe even more. But “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin ”is the correct format. I personally think so (and cross myself, if necessary!).

I believe that such a program should be on the state channel. Here it is important how, here the president is already secondary. So, about the “how” …

How? Very professional. How? Down to the smallest detail. How? And nothing human is alien to him.

Pavel Zarubin and his group, in my opinion, make a very accurate report on a given topic. And he is not a propagandist, this is how he works. Yes, he spies and eavesdrops, but you still need to be able to find a non-trivial angle, to wedge yourself into the thick of it between the hefty guards and the first person of the state. And also the second, third and fourth …

You need not to complex, go ahead and mentally not look at yourself in the mirror, how you look. You need to be, not to seem, and here Zarubin is exactly that.

The only thing that is a pity is that practically all political programs try to work in this format. For them, the first person is the very first at all costs. And this is too much.

One Zarubin is great. If everyone marks Zarubins, it turns out butter oil, and that’s when it becomes sweet and sweet. Long live Leonid Ilyich? God forbid.


“Three chords” on First is an unpretentious transmission, but so necessary. Friday, evening, the work week is behind, the weekend is ahead, you joined the TV and are crazy. You relax. Come off. Russian chanson – what could be better!

Photo: Still from video

What a wonderful Averin! Organic, this feline smile. And smart, very smart.

And the jury – you saw this jury! Alexander Novikov alone is worth something. No, he has one drawback, small, small: Novikov does not tolerate women in years. Even if these women in years stand on their heads and sing “Murka” like Montserrat Caballe, he still won’t give them an ace. Never. But he himself is so interesting, deep, deep, with a destiny, but as soon as a lady of Balzac’s age gets caught, the brains disappear, and everything goes down somewhere. What a man!

They are all with fate: that Rosenbaum, that Shufutinsky, that Lyuba Uspenskaya. They know what they are singing about, they are already masters of chanson. So they were put on the jury.

Each song is played out to the point of impossibility. And here taste, tact, style, organics are evaluated. “I” in the proposed circumstances.

Well, now about Fomenko. What is he doing here! Each song is an image, life and destiny, no less. And a huge self-irony, not without it. This is his “Secret”!

He sings Jewish songs in such a way that Novikov turns to the jury: “Maybe he is yours?” The jury nods, understands everything: “Ours, ours!” He sings about the violinist Solomon, about the fact that he is “from Odessa, hello”, and dedicates this to the memory of the magnificent Boris Sichkin. And Rosenbaum, Shufutinsky, Uspenskaya remember their youth, their origin, breed – well, they sing along to Kolya in time.

Once in the 90s, Fomenko was the leading number one, no less, and what a glory! But then he got tired of television, and he left – in motors, in races (but not in moonshine, no).

And here again the whole evening in the arena – Nikolai Fomenko. He already has a program on NTV: “Fomenko-fake”. Only there he does nonsense. And here, on the stage … Here he creates, lives other people’s lives as his own. Here it burns – yes it does.

“He’s back” – remember how the camp major relaxed only when he heard Basilashvili at the “Station for Two”?

“Lyuba, I’m back” – this is Smoktunovsky Aroseva in “Beware of the car!”

He’s back, people, he’s back! This is all of us about Nikolai Fomenko. It’s time – let’s rejoice, guys.