“Galkin turned out to be Soviet and anti-Soviet to boot”

Oh yes Galkin, oh yes son of a bitch!

Do you know how to become TV presenters? No, the best leading countries. Everyone has their own path, of course. But here’s an example.

The boy has grown


He’s actually a humorist. Yes, we all know about him. He started out great, a fresh gentleman, then he got a little rub. Came on TV. He led Millionaire after Dibrov himself. He was really leading, in the top ten.

Then he went to a parallel channel, “Russia”, received an offer, which he could not refuse. I was looking for myself there. But I never found it. It is not clear what he was doing, he did not fit into any format. But it worked, yes: here’s a bearer lock in Mud.

He returned to his native land – “Maxim. Maxim”. I missed it again. In the “Cartoon of Personality” program, his doll was driving around the supermarket in a stroller under the strict guidance of his mother, Alla Borisovna. Well, child, what can you take from him!

I tried to be a citizen, even wrote notes in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on socio-political topics. Quite naive, infantile, childish.

And then – what happened next! Andrey Malakhov helped here. He left his familiar place and went there, to “Russia”. The place turned out to be vacant. Galkin was called.

And here … A miracle happened, each saved the other! Galkin entered this format under the name “Tonight”, and the format itself suited him so well – well, just one to one, one-on-one. Max turned out to be so memorable, educated, Soviet and anti-Soviet to boot. Tactful, delicate, clever – and also a toastmaster who knows how to support any company.

And then – “Best of all!”. Here Max is really a child. But this is a child – what a child you need! Best of all, your own board for these children. But he is also an artist! Each of his dialogues with a youngster who comes to the studio can be laid out on U-Tube, millions of views are provided.

He is also a citizen: he took and defended Ivan Golunov. And he did not ask anyone – it is possible, not possible. And Posner turned out to be … no, not pleasant in all respects … Adequate, thoughtful and honest. Yes, Galkin has a second plan.

The boy just grew up. And he became the best presenter. The very best.


“But how did you sing!” – Bronevoy exclaimed in the “Pokrovskie gates”. “But how did you sing!” – I repeat, but this time to a cheerful family – Tigran Keosayan and Margo Simonyan. Yes, they were in the right place at the right time.

Photo: instagram.com

Tigran ran his “International sawmill” on NTV. At the same time in the program “Right to Know!” Margarita was visiting the TVC. Master and Margarita.

This family is already on fire. Both of them are filming a film about the Crimean Bridge, and with love. He has his own program on TV, she generally has her own channel, which has made a stir all over the world.

They both serve the authorities and seem willing to even serve, as Rita said. They are not at all in scrap. In general, they do one thing, but in different ways.

Tigran laughs as if someone is tickling him. So much fun, you’ll tear your tummies. Really funny, fact, long live the former KVN players! Yes, when they become exes, it turns out resourceful and fun, not like in KVN. Tigran makes fun of Merkel, Macron, the former Teresa, the current queen, Donald Trump, of course. Well, I laugh sometimes, too, not without sin. And only to one person his program feels the highest piety – to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. My dear Tigran is here – like Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am here, see me, hear, I am with you, I am for you.”

His wife Margarita on her channel does about the same, only without laughing. But, you know, she was always like that, never changed her shoes on the fly. I thought so ten years ago, and fifteen … She is sincere and honest with herself, I think so. And it was she who helped Golunov in many ways, having gone through many high offices. And for that I respect her, although Simonyan and I have completely different views.

Breeding nepotism, guys? They are bred. Well, let it be, I’m just happy for them.


“Anna Akhmatova. Eternal presence ”, directed by Elena Yakovich. Watch everyone!

Yakovich is a name, of course, in documentaries. I still remember her “Walks with Brodsky” in the early 90s, which she filmed in Venice with Alexei Shishov. It was just great. And Yakovich does not shoot in another way.

And here is Akhmatova. We are told: this must be seen. And they also say: look, what a fine fellow the First Channel, did it for the 130th anniversary, albeit at night. Well, it happens to the First.

Yes, this is culture, join. A breath of fresh air, the light at the end of the tunnel. And I joined.

But why is it so boring? So sad? Because Akhmatova is a tragedy, and, therefore, it is necessary to shoot like this: traditionally, gloomy, black and white? And then to say: look, I have an exclusive – the funeral of Anna Andreevna, the shooting of the KGB. And one more thing to say: I met the one, and the other, and the third, they saw Akhmatova, they knew …

So what? XXI century in the yard. And where is the living Akhmatova, jealous, genuine, seemingly unable to live by life and living in spite of? There is no need for any artificial revitalization, reconstruction, and only style is needed – your new, fresh, unadorned style, cinematic move. Which is not, that’s all. After all, there were already magnificent, modern (that’s the main thing!) Films about Brodsky, about Sasha Sokolov, about Shpalikov, about non-conformist artists, where there was such a move. Paradoxical, topical, not banal at all. And about Akhmatova … We’re not on the Kultura channel.

Although no, about “Culture”. They repeated the evening of Svetlana Kryuchkova in “Eldar”. The actress just stands, just reads poetry, tells episodes from life. But how! But what! After all, all ingenious is simple.

Therefore, I will not applaud Elena Yakovich just for the fact that she made a film about Anna Akhmatova, which was shown on the First Channel, I will not. Well, it doesn’t work. Sorry.