Good questions for Putin: British watched with devotion

And these people forbid us to pick our noses!

Interview with the respectable British “Financial Times” with Vladimir Putin. British, do you understand ?! A respected editor with gray eyebrows and a young man in red socks. They saw Putin, yes.

Humble themselves and don't even blush

Here they sit in front of him, ordinary English journalists. Elite journalists, aristocrats, liberals. And they look at our president so devotedly, so tenderly.

And they nod to the beat of every Putin’s word. Well, yes, “you don’t look that Seryozha keeps nodding, he thinks, he understands everything”. This is Vysotsky about the British masters of the word.

What is this interview, I ask you, from which only red socks remain? We are told here: the famous Western journalism. The fourth estate. Independent, unbiased, does not value its rulers. And strangers?

These two from the palace (from the Financial Times) seem to have considered Vladimir Putin a figure equal to Churchill. Such servility … And not a single sharp question. You, damn it, the British, you and Russia are in such contradictions, Skripal will help you! Well, ask so as not to get out. Say a couple of gentle ones. Say so harshly, with dignity.

And they look the Russian president in the eye and nod. And they agree. And they are asking the right questions that Putin needs. And he accepts the pass and philosophizes. And then the whole world discusses it.

Even our propagandists at his press conference would not be so humiliated. And these are humiliated and do not even blush. They say about our people: they are only servants of the authorities, nothing else. What the authorities want to hear, they ask. They are in the same boat. Well, yes, propagandists for sure. But to fall under power like these British people, even they will not succeed.

Where are your journalistic standards, gentlemen? Give Putin carte blanche and do not contradict, do not argue. Oh well.

A little to the side. Only Vladimir Putin ran into liberalism here, as our liberals immediately: he does not understand anything, does not know what he is talking about. Yes, if not for liberalism, he would never have become president, tea will not be from aristocrats. Eh, liberals, persons close to the emperor! And it was a sinful thing for me to think that Putin became president thanks to the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution, that’s all. From rags to riches, who was nothing, he will become everything. Well, also comrades Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov, Gorbachev, Yeltsin – they are not princes, are they? Yes, the Bolsheviks are still liberals!

But I’m talking about journalism. The British disgraced themselves at this rendezvous with Putin, that’s all, actually. Eh, if I were in their place …

“I would suck a glass – and to the Vatican!”

“And I would like to take the Koran – and to Tehran!”

“Give only freedom, men!” Vladimir Semenovich, genius.


Olga Skabeeva – who is this? Ma’am, android, power base? No, she’s a girl!

Sweet, fragile, sexy. Have you forgotten? Do you think this is a monster? Monster Girl?


Here she is, so fragile, going to PACE. From where we were first expelled, then included. She got the task and is on her way. The task is simple: to meet and talk with the Ukrainian delegation. Yes, only Olga Skabeeva is capable of this.

The Ukrainian delegation loves her so much! Calls me almost obscenely, pulls out the microphone with the proud name “Russia”, well, covers it with the last words. And our girl, sweet, kind, endures and does not respond in kind. She’s just a Christian!

She is not afraid of them or is substituted. She’s on duty, yes. Serves the motherland almost disinterestedly, the salary does not count. On the sidelines of PACE, the terrible deputy Beryoza (aka Blyakher) meets her with the Ukrainian anthem. Yes, if all Blyakher turned into Birches, what would it be? Birch Grove. Here is deputy Goncharenko, he is from Odessa, hello, I am also a Bandera member. He hates our Olga so much!

In fact, this is love, they already cannot live without each other. Ukrainian deputies in PACE, even before their demarche, when they came to the building of the Council of Europe, looked only for Skabeyev with their eyes, I give a grudge. Well, she sleeps and sees: where is my dear Birch?

This is how Russian-Ukrainian friendship is being revived. Long live our Olga Skabeeva and their independent delegation, who whipped themselves after our return, led by the mischievous Slutsky. We are one people.


The RTVI channel made a film about Sergei Dorenko. His memory.

The last few months of his life, Sergei collaborated with this channel. Well, how he collaborated: scoffed, made fun of, trolled. He was sad and jittery at the same time. It was an enchanting sight.


Dorenko is frantic energy. Even dead, already lifeless, he gives everyone a light in every frame. And it gives fire to the country too. Here’s the truth: you look at him – and so you want to live …

Of course, different, contradictory, fickle – everyone knows that. But he who loves life is immeasurable, without boundaries and brakes. And admiring her, yes. And crying over his unhappy homeland. So crying – to brutal, Homeric laughter.

But he is not striking here, Sergei Dorenko, many of us knew him that way. But the wife … Yulia Selyavina, who became Dorenko. I saw her in this film, heard her and understood everything.

Five years of happiness with this thundering man. Two children, still very young. And such an understanding … She knows everything about him, everything: what he was like in childhood, what he dreamed of, what he sought. She understands him that way (not in the past tense, no!)

Here she talks about him as if he were alive. Here and now. And he smiles, because one cannot speak of Dorenko without humor, this is understandable. And she cries, grieves … She lives all these years, months, days, hours, minutes …

How much she had to endure in this very last time. Such slander, God forbid anyone. And only one shot: she, Yulia, bent over with grief, holds the hand of Sergei’s mother, the same bent one. And behind them there is emptiness … People, even journalists, understood everything and did not approach them.

… Now it is clear: Sergei Dorenko had a wonderful wife. God grant her …