In the new TV season, Mikhail Shvydkoi spoke about sexual harassment

The new TV season, TV presenter, and in combination, probably the most cultured person in the Russian Federation, Mikhail Shvydkoy, began with sexual harassment. No, he, of course, did not bother anyone, he is generally holier than the Pope, but he had to start somewhere. Why? Well, of course, this and that.

What else can you talk about before the elections

Shvydkoy said: “Today is a day of silence, we can’t talk about anything relevant, so let’s talk about sexual harassment.” And Ostap suffered, the most intelligent Ostap we have ever seen in our life.

Indeed, what else can we talk about before the elections? It is about this. Smart viewers immediately began to read the implications, even remembered Putin on the theme that the authorities, like that macho, are trying to take over the press, and the press must resist. Why not harassment?

Yes, we understand everything in harassment, we know, we swam. In fact, this is the most democratic topic. I remember my work in the Pravda printing house, meetings of the proletariat in the smoking room. (Does it exist in general, the proletariat? Remember how Todorovsky Jr. in “Styles”: “I was in Moscow. There is no proletariat there.”) In smoking rooms, they also discussed sexual harassment, in our opinion, in a working way. Well, something like this: “…… ……… …………… ……… ……… ………… ………… …”. Is a song! And most importantly, everything is so clear, convex, clearly. The Russian language is great and mighty.

For Mikhail Shvydkoy, everything was different. A well-known director, theater teacher, producer and three advanced women came to the Agora program on the Kultura channel. So they began to discuss sexual harassment in their avian, courtly, unusually cultural language. They gave various examples of the love affairs of the great artists of the past, and not a single interjection, not a single word “without cases”, can you imagine ?! Although, if you lean such a cultured person in a quiet place against a warm wall, you can still talk to him very much – about the weather, about nature and about you, women. That’s what Raikin said.

How did you agree? Of course: here you are not here. They have harassment – we have courtship, they have a woman as a subject – we have an object, they can’t even really look at her, praise her dress – here: “you look great, let’s go?”.

So we saw that our cultured people, headed by Shvydkoi, are flesh of the people, the Russian people. After this uplifting program, I wanted to paraphrase my beloved playwright Grigory Gorin and his Munchausen: “Hail, gentlemen, harass!” The only “but” (or “nu”): comrades who are coveted and coveted, be mutually polite. Yes, we are not in Chicago, my dear.

As a mother and as a woman

“Katyusha came ashore, on a high bank, on a steep …” Katya, Katenka, and where did you get carried away? I am addressing this to Ekaterina Strizhenova. When I accidentally stumble upon the “Time Will Show” program, I really want to feel sorry for it.

Photo: From personal archive

And myself too.

She was thrown into this program like plucked chickens. Evil tongues call her a hen, well, fools. What kind of hen is she to you? She is a woman mother, an actress and just a beauty! A man (and a woman is also a man) conducted a morning program for himself, worked in cinema, in entreprise, was (was!) A loving wife, still the same mother and looked unusually organic. As if God himself kissed her for this particular TV show (I don’t mean Konstantin Ernst now).

And suddenly the earth opened up, lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and our Katya was asked to leave or was presented with a fact, presented with an ultimatum: “Katya, do you want big and pure love … of the people?” “And I already have it,” Katya said timidly. “This is not it. You know, in life you have to sometimes change, repaint the walls, tear off the wallpaper or the veil from the eyes of respectable viewers. What is your image? Homely, well, the same mother-woman everyone is used to. And we will radically change your image. That is, you will remain a woman-mother, of course, you will not take this away from you, we will only throw you into political broadcasting and propaganda. And people will reach out to you themselves. “

Does Katya need it? But she is a soldier, a gallant soldier of the great army of the First Channel. The party said “it is necessary”, Katya answered “there is.” That’s how Lenin said that any cook in our country can run the state.

And now Katya still runs the state, that is, she rules the whole country. Not one, of course, next to her are two brutal guys – Artem Sheinin and Anatoly Kuzichev. But who are they without Katya?

It turns out that Katya is so versed in politics, so versed! And firmly, like a mother and like a woman, she cuts the truth-womb. The American, he says, the military is known to the whole world … well, and something there “I demand them to answer.” Powerfully speaks so, competently.

True, for some reason almost no one listens to her. Indeed, well, this is not serious: such a woman – and got into politics with her head and legs. Do you need it? I don’t, so I feel sorry for her and myself.

TV killer

What disgusting, how disgusting is your television! YouTube isn’t any better though. The only plus of the Internet is that we can choose there.

On TV we can no longer. Let’s get serious: back to Beslan, its anniversary. When everything happened, absolutely all federal channels sent their correspondents there. By that time, political television had already been cleaned up and was a subdivision of the Presidential Administration, a lever of power.

They were simply told by those who are stronger than them: there are 354 hostages and no more, so pass them on. We will not pump up, will we? And all federal reporters said so. Well-intentioned, so as not to create panic and prepare people for something more important. As it turned out, to the assault.

They wanted the best, our reporters. But it turned out … The militants also watched TV, and then said: “Then they announced that there are 354 of you … Well, we will do this so that so many of you remain.” And they stopped giving the children water, became even more brutal and finally frostbitten. Because in fact there were 1128 hostages, that is, three times more.

The Internet is also not an angel, what are you! On the contrary, after the fire in Zimnyaya Vishnya, the number of those who were burned alive was overestimated several times. I don’t know what they were trying to achieve. Probably, they wanted to show how terrible power is. But again, there is a choice on the Internet.

The lured, castrated, addicted TV indirectly became involved in the fact that there were so many victims. The most conscientious of those reporters who reported a false figure are now trying to help those who survived in Beslan, giving money for treatment. But 334 dead will never be returned.

That is why a free box is better than a non-free one. But who is now to repeat these common truths?