“Now Sobchak will portray the person concerned”

I came and said … “Let them talk” – there is such a program. It turns out that it can be donated from hand to hand, and you will get nothing for it.

The blonde is covered in chocolate again

And the wedding sang and danced … It was even shown on some federal channels in separate places. It seems that all this was demonstrated for one viewer – Maxim Vitorgan. Well, as political news, we also make only one TV viewer, and you know him.

Maxim, don’t be a fool, also looked after a new passion: instead of Ksenia Sobchak, who dropped out of the game, the daughter of the famous “heavenly swallow” Iya Ninidze enters the field. “It can’t be!”, This is some kind of Zoshchenko: you are now at odds with this, agree with that, but he is not at a loss, and he has gotten along with someone. Life goes on!

Xenia and Konstantin were given gifts. Basque – money, Kirkorov – a song, and Channel One, represented by its leadership – a whole program. Yes, that one, “Let them talk.”

It will be a striptease of the century, approximately the same as Ksenia showed at her wedding party to her new, but beloved husband. She is now glamorous again, like the damned, and out of politics.

Ksyusha has been trying to achieve this for so long. At first she sharply went into opposition: “I have something to lose”, spoke at anti-Kremlin rallies. I met Vitorgan there, married him, gave birth. I did great political interviews at Dozhd. She said that now the way to federal channels was ordered to her, cut off. Many believed. Then she harnessed herself to the presidential race, burned Navalny and became the only representative of the liberal public in these elections. It was a match fix, yes.

Ksyusha could now come to federal channels (well, what are you, a presidential candidate, a big man!), And she was hammered there in black. On the same First Channel, two leading clowns put on red noses, played foolish pipes, just to show that Ksenia Anatolyevna made the wrong door. Ksenia Anatolyevna heroically resisted, said what she thought (it seemed so then) and even managed to declare that Crimea should be given back, Ukraine back. Then she cried from Zhirinovsky and could already report to the Kremlin: Comrade Commander-in-Chief, the task is completed! Of course, she suffered humiliation, but she knew her business clearly. Liven up the elections and gained 1.69 percent. The people are a fool, they did not understand her at all. But the main viewer understood.

And here she is on the First. Zapadlo? Well, why, there are decent people there too. Posner, for example, Galkin, Urgant – they can now call Ksenia their colleague. Unfortunately? In their place, I would create a liberal faction in this “Duma” (and would call it “Our Home Israel”? What vulgarity).

Where’s Dima Borisova? He tried so hard, replacing Andrei Malakhov. But after all, it is not he who marries Bogomolov, but Ksenia, she has cards in her hands.

With such glamor – yes, without protection. Yes, politics is not for her. There are big, smart, cynical uncles acting there, playing everything that moves – Sobchak, Navalny, courts, rallies. Ksenia realized that there was nothing for her there, and left there forever. Let them say she made her choice. Now Sobchak will portray an interested person, a compassionate look, tearful eyes, and forward – a new / old life begins. She is again blonde in chocolate. Deserved.

Old age and joy

Voice 60, as if nothing had happened. That scandal with the children’s “Voice”. And what do you want, old people are no longer small children, they will not stand up like that.

Photo: Still from video

However, I’m sure: “Voice. Children ”will also go off with a bang soon. And we will forget everything that happened to daughter Alsou, like a bad dream. Such transmissions do not lie on the road.

“Voice” is a goose that lays golden eggs, any “Voice”. The scandal is a scandal, and the long-term TV hit goes on as usual, flies do not mix with cutlets. Do you know why? Because “Voice” has a second meaning and even a third one. Eh, sorry, we didn’t come up with it.

We can say that “60” is playing along with the authorities and their pension reform. You can say, but I won’t. Reforms come and go, but the example remains. After all, we will all be there if we live. Question: how will we survive?

If with the song in life, then I agree. If, despite the lawlessness around, the police hell is pitch-black, to live smiling (“she goes through life laughing”), then I again agree. Well, how else?

These “my young old men” are calling for an incredible life, teaching adequacy. You will say: in America it already exists, they all go there with the word “h-e-e-z” stuck on themselves to their ears and 33 teeth. We do not like it, we consider it false. In vain, do not think so.

“A good house, a good wife … What else does a person need to meet old age ?!” Even if you do not have a good wife (husband), a good home – is it worth being discouraged? Despondency is a sin. This is what this “Voice 60” teaches us, this is what it gives us meaning in life. Such a program will never die.


And you say they can’t or don’t want to. And you say they only talk about Ukraine. They are our beloved propagandists, patriots of Russia.

Ukraine – as a background, a stream of consciousness. And suddenly (oh my God!) They started talking about the economy – about our economy. The bear died in the forest, the symbol of United Russia? ..

They explained to us: we are talking about Ukraine, because it is watched and gives the highest rating. And no one will look about our problems. And then in the program “60 minutes” Olga Skabeyeva and Evgeny Popov started talking: Gref, Kudrin, Chubais, mentioned in vain, pension, petrodollars … Yes, they shout like that, indignant, blush from the tension. Just a great television revolution!

Five minutes, it only lasted five minutes. They shouted about temporary internal difficulties, ticked the box, and the next day – “doused, start over”: Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine …