Putin’s doll on British TV is a recognition of merit

Hurray, we are again ahead of the whole planet! A huge three-dimensional doll of our beloved president will now host a program on BBC-2 under the modest title “An Evening with Vladimir Putin.” This is a breakthrough, dear friends!

Again we are ahead of the rest

This is about the same as receiving the Nobel Prize. Or take the Oscar, seriously and for a long time. Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are with you!

In fact, this is a recognition of merit. And not the Russians, no, the Russians are already all as one (or through one) with our Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Take it higher: it is they, the enemies of all progressive humanity, the Westernizers have recognized us in one person. And this face is known to the whole world.

Don’t look that this is a caricature, not even a parody. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you are shown on the BBC. This is incredible coolness in fact.

How did it all begin? From “Dolls”, of course. In the reckless, dashing era of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. Yes, then everything was possible and even more. Where are you, freedom?

Freedom ended at “Little Tsakhes”. It was a killer satire, in fact. Derogatory, lethal. And the Dolls were closed.

Can you imagine how it could be? Well, like in the same good old England. There are also “Dolls” there, going on for many, many years. And nothing is sacred! Even the queen, God’s dandelion … They say this about her there – a decent Russian could not stand even five minutes. And for some reason she can stand it. Although he is offended, I know, but he cannot do anything: they have democracy on the march there. Old, kind. Laugh with us, laugh like us, laugh better than us. Politicians tolerate, although this good old England, as we know, is slowly rotting. But that’s their problem.

Imagine if there were still “Dolls” in Russia! And the audience laughed at our politicians as if cut. So what, laughing, really, it’s not a sin. Let them endure, if they are politicians.

They can’t stand it. Russia is not Britain for you, a vanished empire. Our authorities are afraid of being funny more than anything else. Yes, yes, we know this from history: they laughed at our Tsar-Father Nicholas II to the point of impossibility, to the point of cramps in the stomach: about his wife, the great queen, and about Comrade Rasputin, oh, what jokes were circulating. And soon our Russian, you know, empire was gone … They also laughed at Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, God forbid. And over the provincial pronunciation, and in general over everything. And the Soviet empire was gone. That’s it.

But, you know, only a very strong politician can allow himself to laugh. Confident in himself and in his people …

We are together!

They did it! “Well, all together!” on “Russia 1”, musical and entertainment program. Final apotheosis.

“Russia 1” took the lead. Only earlier it was “entertainment” that was her scourge, her weak point. Here “Russia” was clearly losing to competitors.

All genres are good except boring. And out of date, I will add, even if this out of date attracts millions of viewers. In the entertainment format, “Russia” was famous for its antiquity, backwardness, although everything was calculated to the limit: here they knew and understood their audience very well. An unassuming spectator, a used Soviet spectator who no longer wants to think, to think.

And now the scenery has changed, yes. In addition to the best propaganda (we will not talk about journalism, okay), sentimental soap series, high-quality Russian cinema, they decided to take on William our Shakespeare, for entertainment.

And it worked! “One to One” suddenly became unusually fashionable, advanced and interesting for them. With meaning! And now “Come on, all together!” On stage, a singer (from the people) sings at the top of his lungs, and there are a hundred people in the jury! Musicians, famous and not so famous. And if you like the performer, you get up and sing along. One, two, three … Everybody dance! Everyone gets up (very rarely). And then this sight is not for the faint of heart. It turns out such a spirituals, a choir, open to the point of impossibility. Because the soul is open.

Yes, the format is English, so what? Russia bought it and adapted it for itself, for itself. Perfectly adapted in fact, advanced and modern. This should be noted.

He also sings!

I am very happy for Andrey Norkin. Well, the same one who hosts “Meeting Place” on NTV. And suddenly: “Andrey Norkin. Another format ”. What was it?

Photo: Still from video

Norkin on tour in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. Great hall, auditorium 40. Or 60, it doesn’t matter. Norkin comes out and … sings. Sings well, sincerely. There is no special voice, but she sings. So what? Did Utesov have a voice? And Bernes?

So he sang about Leningrad, then he starts reading parodies. Not your own, of course, Alexandra Ivanov. Remember Around Laughter? Those over 50 remember. So I remember.

Well, and anecdotes, old Jewish anecdotes. And not only Jewish ones! And then again the songs. In general, a whole concert program.

I am very happy for Andrey Norkin. After all, if the government changes … Yes, it happens, you know. In the early 90s, all the announcers, every one of them, were removed from Ostankino, and the clearing was cleared. Because these wonderful announcers, idols of the generation, personified the damned communist past, with which it was necessary to end (and the fact that they will never end is a completely different story). And there is no more Valya, Lyudochka …

So it is with our current excellent presenters. They are on guard, faithfully serve the party and government. Well, they serve as they can. But Russia, you know, is a country with an unpredictable past, present and future.

If the government changes and Andrei Norkin gets a black mark, a ban on the profession, it will not disappear, I now know for sure. He will perform in cities and towns and make money. And in demand, he is a good artist! Yes, we can be calm about his future.

But what about the other comrades? I would also advise them to find some talents in themselves. Surely someone can wiggle their ears, artistically boo Shnurov’s songs or embroider with a cross. So, dear comrades Sheinin, Strizhenova, Popov with Skabeeva, Kiselev with Soloviev, Pushkov with Babayan, get ready, your time will come!