Solovyov was replaced by a new popular presenter

No, after all, I am a refined person. Yes, you have to understand fifty shades of gray. I mean the propagandists, of course.

He is from Donetsk, hello

You say: propagandists are fucking, and you will be right. Let’s not oversimplify. Simplicity is worse than stealing, you know.

Who is the most in-demand presenter on our TV? Say, Soloviev? But they didn’t guess. No, Vladimir Soloviev trumpets from morning to night, with a break for Shabbat. And even then sometimes there are interesting moments in life when he is recruited to work even at this holy time.

The most demanded political leader in our country is Dmitry Kulikov. You don’t even know who he is. In vain, my friend.

He appeared on our TV right after the start of the war in Ukraine. An elderly, gray-haired man with a cracked, raspy, even unpleasant voice. “Where did you come from, mom is so good, she sings about a steam locomotive.” He is from Donetsk, hello.

That is, he was evacuated in connection with the well-known events. And they catapulted exactly to Russian TV, in the top ten. The Right to Know! (TVC). The presenter Sergey Minaev left for NTV, the place was vacant, but the place is holy …

And here is Kulikov with his raspy voice. In fact, it is not old at all, it just looks like this. He’s also very smart, I must admit. And educated, historian plus philosopher. Propagandist? Or maybe his views are different from you? It happens.

He tries to be objective (as objective as our dependent CG can be). He has a good reaction, in his questions to guests he is always precise, meaningful, deep. Result? Well, yes, he received TEFI the other day. With all my skepticism about this ceremony, I consider this statuette of him well deserved.

Further more. Kulikov is a regular guest in the evening program of Vladimir Solovyov. There he is emotional, sometimes loud, he can throw a glass. But this also benefits television. You can’t hide your mind. And then a miracle happened: recently he also began to lead the program “Who is against?”, Only this time on “Russia 1”. This is not even Soloviev’s control. How this happened, I do not know, after all, no one canceled the competition. Or canceled? The Kulikov case only tells us how deep the hole all Russian TV, controlled from one well-known window, ended up. Besides, Dmitry is also a radio host on Vesti FM.

“So, he is needed, and there is nothing to be angry, necessary, one should be proud of this.” He would not be angry, he would be proud if it was, when … Kulikov is so in demand, simply irreplaceable. But in my understanding – by right.

Now about refinement. We must look at the world with open, wide-open eyes, try to see and understand the essence of things. It doesn’t matter who communicates it, articulates it. Here, after all, how: liberals drown only for their own, honor their own, patriots-statists and the same propagandists – the same thing, only with the opposite sign. But why divide the world into friends and foes?

Back in perestroika, when there was a lethal polemic between democrats and Slavophiles, I read and swallowed both of them: both Novy Mir with Znamen and Young Guard with Our Contemporary. I found meanings both there and there. It’s the same with newspapers. On the one hand, Moskovskie Novosti, read out to the holes, but on the other hand, it is mandatory for the balance sheet of Soviet Russia. And how King Solomon could afford to say: you are right and you are right.

So, Dmitry Kulikov, and you are right. I do not know who is behind you and why you have become so in demand, but it is interesting and instructive to watch and listen to you. Who is against? Not me.

Such girls!

“Who is running? “Labor Reserves”. Is Dynamo running? Everyone is running. ” Who’s jumping? So still triple?

Photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

This is how, on the run, in the jump, these two beautiful girls commented on the World Cup from Qatar on Match-TV.

But how did you sing! In fact, who came up with such a miracle: to unite two world champions in athletics in one doubles show? It’s so cool!

And who said: they hate each other, they will scratch out each other’s eyes? Fools who said so. In fact, this is love, between a woman and a woman. It happens.

They complemented each other so, so intoned! Such girls! As if they are still running along their path or jumping three times. “We believe strongly in sports heroes.”

Yes, those are the girls. “Come on, son, come on!” – Olya Bogoslovskaya shouted to the walker. No, it was not a walker to Lenin, but a marathon walker. The key word here is “sonny”. What kind of son is he to you, Olga, you are so young! Although, to be honest, I remembered the film “Checking on the Roads” and there Rolan Bykov: “Come on, sons, let’s push it.” Olya has nothing to do with you.

I have known Yolanda Chen for a long time. I don’t know Olga Bogoslovskaya, but I know her ex-husband (“We are lost, she knows my Brazilian husband!”).

In short, it was a stunning reportage worthy of the TEFI award. And maybe even a Nobel Prize.

Stay Zhvanetsky

Zhvanetsky is the duty officer in the country. Zhvanetsky is a great improviser. And if he reads from the sheet, we understand: he has prepared and delivered another masterpiece on the mountain.

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

But in “The Country Officer” they ask questions about today, now, about our poor life. Only with humor, otherwise you will completely disappear. Can you imagine Zhvanetsky in all seriousness?

Only this time Mikhal Mikhailich began to answer according to the written word, according to the cheat sheet. And immediately the charm went somewhere, his dumbness.

Maybe it’s age? You see, Zhvanetsky is already like “Mona Lisa”, which decides for herself whom to impress and whom not.

Michal Mikhalych, do not be afraid, do not hesitate. Well them, these leaves. Say what you want, you can, you deserve it. Do you think it sounds out of place? Do not think so, your “out of place” – this seems to be the only thing that you want to hear in this life.

No leaflets, no homework, to hell! Do not format yourself, do not adapt to your beloved, grateful people. Stay Zhvanetsky, so wise and so brilliant.