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Three films about Beslan: the war continues

15 years have passed since the tragic days of Beslan … Do we remember? To be remembered, a whole clip of documentaries came out at once. From Novaya Gazeta “School number one”, from Dudya “Remember”, from Sobchak “Day of ignorance” …

If you want to know the truth, you are the enemy

Beslan is shame, pain and bitterness. Memory? But people, ordinary people so want to forget it. Almost everyone, except those who lost their loved ones there. Because it’s so scary, it doesn’t fit in the head at all, in the brain. And only the soul will accept everything …

And the power? Pain, shame and bitterness for those people in power who have not yet lost their conscience. And who has not lost her?

The time is now: even if you do something from a pure heart, remember the innocent murdered, and you just want to know the truth, there will certainly be people who will attack you from all sides: why do you need this truth? That you are all about the same thing, you will not return children. “Women give birth to new ones,” said one bastard who calls himself a journalist. And you will no longer be justified.

Immediately questions: why did the films come out so immediately, all together, like a volley? Is it the liberals who beat against the country, against the state? It is impossible to generalize here, to take in bulk, here each separately.

The film of Novaya Gazeta is unique, if only because they were the first. That they tried to honestly “work out” Beslan from the very beginning, from that September 1, 2004. Anna Politkovskaya tried very hard, but she was poisoned on the plane, yes, and she did not make it. A film without frills, bells and whistles, colors. But with renovations. At first you look, it takes your breath away: is it really filmed right from the school, from the gym. Here the militant hits each of the hostages in the neck, and they run … Here they lead the men to be shot, and in line at close range … Here are the women, the children in the hall … Here is one of the hostages, probably the child’s father gets into an argument with the militant, but he just in a businesslike manner he pulls out a machine gun and also point-blank … Here terrorists blow up their suicide bomber … And we all see.

It took me a while to realize that this was a reconstruction, so accurate, maybe one-on-one. But why? Was it necessary, showing the tragedy, to call the artists, to imitate something. In my opinion, no, it is not necessary, because you immediately start to doubt. I was saved only by my personal attitude towards Dmitry Muratov, an honest man. Here I believe him infinitely.

Ksenia Sobchak’s film turned out to be a schoolboy, educational. Yes, that’s right, but without a soul. As if she had written to herself in the script on a piece of paper, point by point: to meet with this, to talk to that, to dress appropriately. And she did everything, an excellent student. But there are no feelings here, do not seek, only the mind. Yes, Sobchak is very smart, only this is not enough. But at least she tried …

But Dud … In my opinion, this is the greatest film. More than three hours – and in one breath, you will not come off. Do you know why? This guy is completely non-pathetic, does not build anything of himself, does not pretend. Here he is. And he is also interested in people, yes. If he is horrified, horror is immediately reflected in his eyes. If he is perplexed, does not understand, he will definitely ask again, clarify. In general, he is not pretending. And Dud also wants to find the truth, to understand how it was, and all the time asks the question: why? Like the boy who said that the king was naked.

You know, a person has charm, naturalness and sociability. Either there is or not. But when a disabled Ossetian girl (her head was collected in parts in Germany, and assembled) to the question of Dudy: “When will we come next time, what should you bring?” – answers: “Bring yourself better,” it’s worth a lot. Dudya’s film “Remember” is highly spiritual, that’s all.

A war immediately broke out against this documentary. By whom? First of all, a person-medium, the most important, main support of power, Vladimir Solovyov. “Novaya Gazeta”, but she’s lying, ”Solovyov had already shouted over the radio in advance. – And this one, like him, Dud, but he is generally insignificant, ”he shouted further. In his defense of Russia, Solovyov agreed that he openly defended the scum-policemen who intimidated a schoolgirl in Anapa and persuaded her to have sex. It’s very simple, he defended the authorities, because if you defame these cops, then you defame your homeland, you don’t love it.

The statesmen immediately acted as a united front. “Look, they are giving the floor to Zakayev, the terrorist Zakayev! – they pointed with a finger. “They repeat Basayev, Basayev’s beast, they say the same thing!” – they reported. They are on guard, the mosquito will not undermine the nose.

If you want to know the truth about Beslan, you are the enemy. Because it is high time to forget about Beslan over these 15 years. Or be silent in a rag. What do you want most of all? If you want to know the truth about Beslan, then you don’t want it, but you were charged by some money fugitives, emigrants sitting in London. You yourself do not want to know the truth, you should not, you have no right.

But the people want to know. Although what have the people – I want to know. I want to know who blew up houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk twenty years ago. After all, “sixes” are sitting (if they are), but where is the customer? And I want to know about Ryazan sugar. What, have you forgotten, played, like in yard football? I also want to know about Kursk, Nord-Ost, and Beslan. Not out of journalistic and human curiosity, I just want …

People, ordinary Beslan people who survived the hell of Beslan, but who remain alive, need regular treatment. There is no money for this. They sell apartments, furniture, turn to benefactors, borrow from neighbors or over the Internet in order to go to the very Germany where they help. And so Dud asks: “Why don’t you have money to survive, while managers of state-owned companies receive millions in dollars?” We are used to such questions, so we no longer ask them. And Dud asks. Because he is human and we are human. And there, in Beslan, people. Those who survived.