Two hypostases of Sobchak: Ksenia plays with power in an interesting game

And eat a fish, and ride a boat

All right, the pause is over, she has embarked on the warpath. She shook herself off, warmed up, came to her senses – and now: once in transit, only on Channel One, “Exclusive” is called. Watch everyone!

And eat a fish, and ride a boat

One question: how interesting is Ksenia Sobchak now, is it necessary, relevant? What is it?

After the well-known presidential campaign, so unsuccessful for her, she fell. You can say it was gone. Yes, it was just a shock.

I wanted to be “against everyone”, I wanted to collect protest votes, but the people got caught in some wrong way and did not meet Ksyusha with applause. Yes, 1.67% is not a pound of raisins. And that, of course, was a complete bummer.

But she’ll make candy out of everything, even a bummer. Here everything will go into the furnace, no matter what happens or happens. And you can’t understand where the PR ends and the usual human drama begins.

Now Ksyusha is targeting the mayors of St. Petersburg. It is clear that this is just a project, because the goal is unattainable. That’s why you need to increase your sales.

After those fateful elections, many liberals call her a murzilka. I agreed with the authorities, did a good job for them, revived the process itself, cried on air, poured over Zhirinovsky with anything … And please: Ksyusha – 2%, even less. Now she is with power in full calculation. Now he can only click a finger and immediately appear on any channel – on which soul he wants.

Yes, you want cake, you want ice cream … The ban on her has been lifted, that is, absolutely.

She was supposed to start on NTV in the Central Television program, but immediately ran away from there, seeing the setup. Well, a person does not want to talk about the actual, personal, so why all this carnival? Only even from this Ksenia will make herself a reason for further advancement with great pleasure.

So she chose First. She told everything she wanted there. And she didn’t want to tell me. In general, she could become a presenter on any of these channels with only one call, but how can a decent girl now lead anything in this nasty box? No way. And Ksenia went to YouTube.

With power, she plays an interesting game: eat a fish and take a boat ride. To be, as it were, free, but with the permission of His Majesty, especially of such a close person. She is not the first, not the last. Even Yevgeny Yevtushenko did this: here you have “tanks are marching in Prague”, and here is friendship with the highest ranks of the KGB. Dorenko, Nevzorov and now Sobchak did the same. The authorities can rejoice, clap their hands, but there is one problem: such people, at the first nimble, can get rid of in full. Only feel the slack, and hello.

Ksenia Sobchak has started her hunt! Goes forward over barriers, kicking open doors to any large office. She wants to be like Alla Pugacheva, she said. But that parodist was not born yet … no, he was not born.

“VDud” to Kiselev

Well, Dud. Well, I wanted to “VDud” to Dmitry Kiselev. But it turned out the opposite. It happens.

He wanted to smear it so intelligently on a plate, in a thin layer. To bite, but so that he does not notice. To offend without offending. Break your nose without even swinging it. He thought it would pass. It did not pass.

Photo: Still from video

Kiselev turned out to be too tough for Dudu. Such a lump, a hardened human being. Yes, he forced himself to respect and could not invent better.

As you sit down, you get off. The main propagandist of the country easily repulsed all these innocent attacks of Yuri Dud, without even sneezing, without choking. And why, if the interviewer is a kind-hearted person.

And he, Dud, was preparing, training. But Kiselev set a condition: not a drop of editing, one live broadcast. And on this broadcast Dud pierced once, two three … And Kiselev caught him one-two-three. Yes, in editing all this could have been removed, but the big man would not allow it.

What happened? Of course, it’s not for you to bring the old retired propagandists to clean water. It’s just that Kiselev took revenge on Dudya for Dorenko and Nevzorov. He took revenge on us all.

Why was Dud so intelligent with him? After all, he does not depend on anyone, he himself declared it. So urine a propagandist in the toilet, why feel sorry for him! But no.

There are a lot of tricks. A person can be offended, angry, laughing at him, in the end, fun and disagreeable. And let the whole world rest. But Dud talked to Kiselev as if they were from the same mishpukh, doing one thing. And Vladimir Putin is both their best friend.

Yura, when you face Putin, what will you say to him?

A good student”

In fact, this is an act, almost a feat. On the NTV channel, all of a sudden we were shown a film by Kirill Serebrennikov “The Apprentice” from 2016. The spectators (those who understand) and I, together with them, almost went crazy from such unexpected amazement.

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

To be honest, I thought that they would not announce the director’s name in the announcements, they would be scared. But no, that’s what they said: a film by Kirill Serebrennikov. Oh, and brave people are sitting on the fourth button!

Earlier, in the difficult Soviet times, such “renegades” were either cut out altogether, so that nothing else would grow there, or they were removed from the credits. Remember Savely Kramarov, who fled to America? Well, that’s it.

Serebrennikov is in prison, albeit under house arrest. Will sit, he said! And his films are on, now even on TV. And the performances are on, and the ballet. All our royal men come there, admire. And he sits.

No, this is the theater of the absurd, of course. We are sitting here, and the money is going, there was such a proverb in the dashing 90s. I don’t know what kind of money is going to Serebrennikov, but to sit – I would not wish this to anyone.

Yes, The Apprentice is not a masterpiece. But it is a very smart, deep, multi-sense film in the style of this director. Look, think …

And also think: in figs the whole process gave up at all? After all, this is some kind of Kafka.