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“Whom did dear Grebenshchikov mean?”

“Evening bell, bom-bom …” Now we have such a national sport. Boris Grebenshchikov (aka BG, aka Boris Borisych) writes himself a song, and the people then wonder: who was he, my dear, in mind?

Not a fool, but even a very smart person

So it is now. His hit of the season called “Evening M” has just been released. M is not a subway, not a men’s room, it’s a mud-ring. Are you blushing? In vain. Normal Russian word. It is not even included in the four forbidden, known to all. Attention, the question is: who, in fact, is the muddle? “He shines like a new fifty dollars, / Lotions and varnish are dripping from him, / And when the gopota crucifies Christ, / He will explain why Christ is the enemy. / Evening mud-ring! / Evening mud-ring! / When truth is needed, he is the truest of all – / Evening, evening “. End of quote.

We will not say who, although it was the Elephant. And who is the Elephant? For some reason, everyone nods at TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. He himself says that, of course, not a camel, and nods at the newest President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky: “This is it.” Remember what he played on the piano as a clown? And he showed what, in one of his programs.

Other connoisseurs of BG creativity believe that this is Ivan Urgant. Indeed, “Evening Urgant”, “Evening … ringing”, but Urgant in one of his programs also switched the arrows to Solovyov, however, without naming him. The guy can do it!

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

I must say, this is not the first time with BG. Well, a man likes to make riddles. Here, please, at the dawn of a foggy youth about the old man Kozlodoev:

“The old man Kozlodoev is sliding down the roof, / Nimble as a corncrake. / Aspiring to climb into the window of the Kozlodoev / To some woman in bed.” And at the end: “Goat is crawling, his trousers are wet, / He is old; he wants to go to the toilet. And who is this about? Think, think!

And here is the Perestroika BG: “Colonel Vasin came to the front / With his young wife. / Colonel Vasin gathered his regiment / And told them:“ Let’s go home. / We have been fighting a war for seventy years. / We believed that life is a battle, / But, according to new intelligence data, / We fought with ourselves. ” Well, pure Yeltsin, isn’t it? Or Gorbachev? Think.

About Vladimir Solovyov, who proves to everyone that this is not him … I remembered the Soviet-era Literaturnaya Gazeta, its 16th page, humorous. There was a story about Ivanov. Ivanov left the apartment, and on the wall is written “fool.” Ivanov was stunned. He returned, locked the door behind him and began to think. And then he went out and added: “Ivanov is not … a fool.” And Soloviev is not a fool, but a very intelligent person. And not at all … ringing. Nothing like that!

Better to be silent

If you can’t say the last I’m sorry, it’s better to shut up, right?

The TV is not silent, it speaks. Let him speak.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

There are special formats for such cases. Soul formats, from heart to heart. “Tonight”, for example … The very situation there suggests not to fuss, not to interrupt each other at any cost. Do not work for a tick, for accounting, but show all your memory, gratitude, all the bitterness of loss in a TV show.

But there is a different format. Mark Zakharov died on Saturday, and immediately, a few hours later, “Hello, Andrey!” In hot pursuit. They were in such a hurry to get ahead of the competition. And ahead of them. People were urgently called, the most different, the more the better. Some of them either had nothing to do with Zakharov, or the most relative. Malakhov fussed, quickly chattered something, but in his eyes … Emptiness. Although I know, he is, in fact, a very sincere person who takes any grief, injustice to heart.

But here Malakhov had to hurry, and he was in a hurry. Here Malakhov had to become the first, and he became one. Has worked. Earlier, only on another channel, even in such tragic moments of his life, he could express himself so personally, intimately even, despite the mass of people in the studio, but now … He put a tick, and he was like that.

On the day of the funeral at the First – “Let them talk.” Now Dmitry Borisov. Again the mass of the people called upon, again inconsistencies. This is a live broadcast. The Lenkom Theater is shown on the big screen after the farewell. It’s dark, evening. The director and leading artists are standing by the theater with headphones. Borisov must ask them something. But he doesn’t know what, but he should. They do not hear everything, the presenter is nervous, does not think about the past, it is important for him to establish a connection.

… There are people sitting in armchairs in the studio, and everyone has to say something, they simply must. This is where this one manifests itself at once. Someone has nothing to say, and he comes up with something, someone first of all speaks about himself, and then about Mark Anatolyevich. The presenter has empty eyes …

I am not going to teach you how to grieve properly, dear TV people. I don’t know myself. Well, then maybe it’s better to keep quiet after all. Yes, lose to a competitor, but remain human. Who will always remember Mark Zakharov, the Teacher of our life.