“Why did we turn in Elena Boyko ?!”

She was arrested in Ukraine, and Russia was washing its hands

Oh, what a beauty she is! Well, not a model appearance, so what? But she drowned for the Soviet power, like a damned one. Soul and heart. “I sold my homeland for a car,” as Burkov’s character said in “Garage”. But did Elena Boyko have a car?

She was arrested in Ukraine, and Russia was washing its hands

What I don’t know, I don’t know, but it was a pleasure to look at her. I’m Boyko, I’m from Odessa, hello! Yes, with such intelligence and freedom. In Russia, she was at large, for sure, but in Ukraine a criminal case was opened against her. The devil knows why, they are all scary there.

She didn’t get off from Norkin (in the sense, from his program), and on the First she noted, and on the Second… She gave them a rating. She fought Poroshenko, Timoshenko, yes, in general, with all their elite. There is a traitor, here is a hero, there is a spy, and here is a scout – that’s it. She was born in / in Ukraine with intelligence and talent. But there her mind and talent were not needed, and Boyko fled here, to Russia. Here it came in handy. And now…

This is called being dumped and thrown. They gave it to the wolves to eat. After deportation she was arrested in Kharkov

and, they say, have already been closed in the beautiful city of Lviv, and we are washing our hands.

One Boyko less, one more … No, not like that: the more we hand over, the better. So we passed it. So who are we now?

I did not agree with Elena Boyko, but I was ready to give my life for her to speak on our TV, I did not say – Voltaire. But Voltaire can no longer hear us, we are resting. And some goats from power gave it up, surrendered. Morality? There is no morality here.

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