Bari Alibasov left a legacy to the monkey who poisoned him

After the recent scandals with the attempt on the life and property of Bari Alibasov, the producer became disillusioned with his relatives and close circle. The other day he decided to leave a legacy to the macaque Masha. By the way, it was this monkey who was recently suspected of poisoning Alibasov. Allegedly, Masha accidentally mixed the tablets.

The producer is disappointed in relatives and close circle

“Bari Karimovich and I are working on an algorithm to ensure a dignified existence for a monkey in the event of the death of the producer,” comments the producer’s lawyer Roman Kandaurov. – The mechanism for imposing responsibilities for keeping a pet on the executor of the will is provided for by civil law, subject to the allocation of hereditary property for these purposes.

The lawyer and the producer are going to solve not only legal subtleties, but also issues related to determining the standard of living of the macaque.

– We work with veterinarians. Now the monkey is 7 years old. Javanese macaques in captivity, with proper care, live an average of about 25 years. Considering that Alibasov decided to bequeath all his expensive property for the maintenance of the monkey, the latter will be provided with decent care. The will has already provided for the habitat of the pet after the death of the owner, what amount of money will be allocated daily for his food, clothes, toys, veterinarians, and a zoopsychologist. How often will the monkey be examined in order to monitor its health, who will monitor the execution of the testamentary assignment, added Kandaurov.