Bari Alibasov was in the hospital due to the fault of a monkey

A few days ago, a well-known producer was hospitalized because of poor health, which was later explained by an overdose of drugs that increase potency. Attempts to understand how the victim could confuse the drugs led to an unexpected version of what happened.

New details have appeared in the scandalous story

In the opinion of people from Alibasov’s inner circle, a macaque named Masha could manage in the pillbox. The monkey appeared in Bari Karimovich’s apartment about two weeks ago, when the producer’s acquaintances asked to shelter the animal for a while. Like many monkeys, Masha turned out to be very curious and probably mixed the contents of the pill box.

“We assumed that it was the monkey who mixed his medicine in the pill box, since in some compartments there were more capsules than necessary, and in some – less. Well, the other day we were convinced that this is so, when the monkey tried to do the same in front of our eyes. When we saw this, everything became clear to us, ”the producer’s press service told WomanHit.

Despite this behavior of the macaque, Alibasov does not want to part with the monkey. But now it will probably be necessary to keep the medicines out of the reach of Masha.