Lyubov Uspenskaya wrote a will: “the time has come”

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya made a will on the inheritance of property. The 66-year-old actress told about this on the air of the program “Let them talk.”

The singer decided not to delay with an important step

According to Uspenskaya, she decided to sort out the legal fate of her inheritance in order to avoid “unpleasant situations” in the future.

“Today is the time when you don’t know what will happen tomorrow,” said the singer.

Ouspenskaya noted that she could “sleep well” and not worry about what will happen to her property after her death. However, she did not specify who is indicated in the will. Of particular interest is whether the document contains the name of Uspenskaya’s daughter Tatyana Plaksina, with whom the singer has a very difficult relationship and practically does not communicate.

Earlier, Lyubov Uspenskaya spoke about her desire to adopt a child. The star explained that she wants to give herself another opportunity to be a show mother.

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