Mikhail Efremov spoke about the end of his acting career

Actor Mikhail Efremov said that he is unlikely to remain in the profession after the fatal accident that took the life of 57-year-old courier Sergei Zakharov. The artist wrote about this in a letter to the youngest son of Zakharov Valery.

The artist, who is serving a sentence in the Belgorod colony, admitted that with a high degree of probability he will no longer be able to recover from the tragedy that occurred through his fault. Therefore, it will be very difficult for him to return to “generally a fun profession” – he will not have enough strength.

“One part of my life is irrevocably finished,” TASS quotes an excerpt from the actor’s letter.

Addressing Valery Zakharov, Efremov said that he did not know how to continue to live with and what to say to his children in order to remain a man in their eyes. He also promised Zakharov to make every effort to atone for the guilt before the family of the deceased.

The lawyer of the family of the victims, commenting on the content of Efremov’s letter, noted the ambiguity of some points in it. In particular, the lawyer found it inappropriate that the actor complains about his experiences to a man whom he left without a father.

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