The assault revealed how much the “impoverished” Queen will spend on vacation in Tanzania

Natalya Sturm told how much Natasha Koroleva’s vacation in Tanzania will cost. After scandals with her husband Tarzan and complaints of poverty, the singer decided to go to an island where there is almost no civilization.

Fans are indignant: complains about life, but rests abroad

2020 was a particularly difficult year for Natasha Koroleva. The audience found out that her husband Sergei Glushko regularly cheated on her with young artists, the singer’s concerts were canceled, businesses collapsed: the star repeatedly complained about a difficult time.

Apparently, the Queen decided to meet the beginning of winter in splendid isolation, away from prying eyes on an island in Africa.

A colleague of the singer Natalya Shturm, in a conversation with MK, estimated how much Natasha Koroleva, a distressed and exhausted by scandals, would spend.

“Zanzibar is a permitted direction,” the Assault began. – This is the cheapest of all the island places. It’s good there: white sand, palm trees. For me, it was one of the cheapest vacations in my life, I also flew to rest alone. Rest in a four-star hotel for 14 days cost around 70,000 rubles. What can we compare with the Maldives, where the price tag starts at least 200,000! “

– Natasha complained of poverty, but flew away to rest. The fans were extremely outraged by this fact.

– Now is not New Year’s time. In vain did people rage on Natasha. In fact: the maximum for this vacation, she could give about 150 thousand, and maybe less. It’s inexpensive for the stars.

– Describe your holiday in Zanzibar.

– On the territory of the hotel everything is decent, there is security, quite modest, but you can live. The main thing is the ocean, snow-white sand, excursions are more or less interesting.

– Food?

– Beautiful! The cafes are very cheap but tasty. For 10-15 dollars you can eat up.

– Local population?

– If you go outside the hotel fence, there is not poverty, there is poverty.

– Dangerous?

– When I was going to check in to the hotel, teenage children threw stones at the car. As I was later told that this is normal, they are begging for money from tourists. By the way, there are no roads, no shops, goods are simply scattered. Local people are very lazy.

– Is it possible to get infected with something in such extreme conditions?

– You know, I myself then (two years ago) was vaccinated against yellow fever. She didn’t get sick with anything. I would like to say that Natasha should not be thrown with stones, she chose one of the most economical vacations.

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