The lawyer explained the desire of Efremov’s wife to divorce the actor after the verdict

The well-known lawyer Sergei Zhorin commented on the information that appeared that the wife of actor Mikhail Efremov Sofya Kruglikova decided to file for divorce. The lawyer told about this in the “Interlocutor”.

According to Zhorin, despite the support of her husband during the trial in the case of a fatal accident, Kruglikova decided to part with him the contradictions in the relationship, but did not announce this because of the difficult situation in which the actor found himself.

“The wife, as a decent person, decided not to cause additional problems in the most difficult period, but as soon as the verdict came into force, she decided to file for divorce,” the lawyer said.

He added that in the case of Efremov, the divorce does not have any mercantile interests of Kruglikova under it, for example, the desire to get away from judicial recovery at the suit of the victims. Divorce would be beneficial if the actor was accused, for example, of financial fraud.

“If Efremov was threatened with a multimillion-dollar recovery, as happens in cases with fraud, for example, then this is how it is done,” Zhorin explained.

Earlier, Efremov’s lawyer said that he had no information that Kruglikova intends to start a divorce proceedings with her husband. At the same time, a source of “MK” familiar with the situation called the news of the divorce someone’s sick speculation. According to him, Kruglikova “fights for her husband like a lioness.”

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